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Warning: This article describes configuration for legacy ready-made views. Those views have been replaced with modern, easy-to-configure analogues and we strongly recommend using them instead.
See the version of the article for newest views.

You can adjust the functionality of the Search Widget with a global JavaScript variable called “addsearch_settings”. The variable must be defined above the script tag loading AddSearch JavaScript snippet.

<!-- AddSearch settings --> 
window.addsearch_settings = {
 default_sortby: 'date'
 <!-- This script must be below addsearch_settings -->
 <script src=""></script>



Currently, addsearch_settings supports the following settings:

allow_parent_form_submittrue, nullIf "true", pressing enter in a search input field inside a form element, submits the form
date_format_functionJavaScript functionCustom JavaScript function to format publishing dates in search results. The function is called with Date object as a parameter
relevance (default)
Default order of results
directionrtl, ltrEnable right-to-left UI by setting the value to rtl
false (default)
Display the publishing date of search results instead of category
ga_tracking_idUA-xxxxxx-xGoogle Analytics tracking ID. Needed if Global site tag (gtag) in use
jwtStringJSON Web Token to pass with search queries when search index is protected
link_target_blank, _self, _top, _parentWindow or a frame where the clicked results link should open. E.g. _blank to open links in a new tab.
(e.g. "Search..")
Placeholder text to show in the search field
results_box_css_classnameString (custom CSS class)CSS class name added to #addsearch-results div. Practical for A/B testing and such
results_box_opening_directionleft, right, centerDefine if the results box opens to the left-hand or right-hand side below the search field. By default, the value is calculated automatically
show_search_suggestionstrue, false (default)Show search suggestions on the right column of the widget (separate configuration needed on Dashboard)


Available JavaScript functions

Change the order of search results

To change the sort of search results, call the following function:


An example of the implementation:

function changeSort(event, sort) {
  // Prevent Widget from closing
  (event || window.event).stopPropagation();

Sort by:
<button onclick="changeSort(event, 'relevance');">Relevance</button>
<button onclick="changeSort(event, 'date');">Date</button>

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