Improve your search to drive more enrollments

Improve your search to drive more enrollments

Education today is more online than it’s ever been. AddSearch helps institutions thrive by making it easy for students, parents, and faculty to find the right information online, no matter what.


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Enjoy Custom UI and implementation done for you.

Federated and real-time, multi-site search

Works with any CMS or custom website

A support team that’s always here for you

Schools and universities lead by example with AddSearch:

A+ site search for schools and universities


Get started from day one

Our search experts will set it all up for you, from integrations to designing a custom UI — so your team can focus on other things.

bring the right answers

Bring the right answers

AddSearch makes information accessible to students, parents, and faculty, such as FAQs, course information, announcements, and more.

increase course registrations

Increase course registrations

Tailor the search experience to maximize course and critical page visits through detailed filtering, custom ranking, pinned content and more.

increase page views

increase searches



Tailor your search to meet your enrollment goals

Customize to your heart’s content with an open and flexible site search tool that you can scale, extend, and optimize as your education institution evolves.

Works for any kind of search


Faceted search, advanced course search, or even a general content search.

Display results in 20+ different languages


Give your students, faculty, and parents a more accessible experience with multi-language support.

Cross-platform search


Show results from various sites, support desks, databases, and more — in one search.

Show various files formats in your results


Show course information and class documents in formats such as PDFs, MS Word, and PowerPoint.

education Our users are happier with the search results. I have confidence that
our search algorithm is working. Having that burden lifted is one of
our biggest wins.”
david gladson

education ACCURACY

Help students find the right answers, every time

Your students, parents, or faculty should never feel annoyed by the lack of accurate search results. AddSearch shows accurate information for any kind of query — courses, support, and articles, events and more.


Real-time search results


Show results while students or visitors type so they can easily find what they’re looking for.

Self-learning algorithm


AddSearch scans visitor behavior patterns and optimizes the search results automatically.

Typo tolerance, synonyms, and stemming


Site visitors always find what they’re looking for even if they made a typo or used a synonym.

Rank pages and adjust weights


Move pages up or down in the rankings based on how often students and faculty visit them.

education apply to courses

education GROW

Boost course registrations and student enrollments

AddSearch is designed to turn searches into inquiries and course registrations. It removes the friction in site search, so your visitors quickly find all the information they need about the courses you offer and register for them.

Help students enroll in courses


Build an extensive search that can help visitors find the right information and register quickly.

Optimize your search experience


See what users are looking for and what they’re having trouble finding with advanced reporting and insights.

Promote courses, events and more


Add promotion banners, pin results and more to drive more traffic to pages you want to push.

education ANALYTICS

Deliver better search results with data

Get valuable insights into how your students, parents, faculty, and visitors use the search on your website. Leverage data to draw insights and optimize the search experience.

education Identify search trends
Track popular searches and keywords to build relevant information pages and FAQs.

education Optimize your content
Review irrelevant results to enhance existing content and create new content that matches search queries more accurately.

education Improve the results
Identify searches with no results to optimize content, tag existing pages or build your synonym library.

education analytics

Enjoy total customer support

You need to make sure you’re delivering amazing search experiences. That’s why we have round-the-clock technical support and search expertise on standby in case you need help with anything such as implementation and customization.

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education With AddSearch, we see keywords, CTRs, most popular keywords and no-hit keywords. We improved search results and within a few weeks CTR has increased 2-3 times.

darrin elkins

education I was immediately impressed with it’s lightening fast (as you type) results. Even more impressive was the company’s dedication to making sure the product met my exact needs.”




Reimagine the possibilities

AddSearch gives you the freedom to build the best search experiences. Create unique result pages, queries for related content, search functionality for mobile apps, and more.

Get up and running with no developer assistance.

Schedule a quick 45-minute strategy call with our search experts and we’ll show you how to improve your website search with AddSearch. After the call, we’ll get you up and running within just a few weeks, with no developer resources required on your side.

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Monthly Annually


$129 Per month
$99 Per month
Easy-to-use and fast search solution

Key features:
– Manage Search Results
– Synonyms and Autocomplete
– Google Analytics Integration
– PDF, DOC and PPT files

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$649 Per month
$499 Per month
Advanced search solution for websites and ecommerce

Key features:
– Everything in Professional
– Ranking Tools, Personalization and Auto Synonyms
– Our devs and designers build your unique Search UI
– SLA & Priority Support

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Fully-tailored solution for the enterprise

Key features:
– Everything in Premium
– Custom Commercial Terms
– Multiple Search Indices
– Fully Customizable

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Site search is one of the most used features of a website — do you really want yours to be underpowered?

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