Indexing Language Settings

By default, AddSearch can work with any language. You can enhance the interpretation of languages by enabling language-specific stemming.

AddSearch uses two methods to determine the language of a page. If you have a multilingual website and are seeing different languages mixed together in your search results, please review that you’re using either of these methods to tell AddSearch the language of the page:

1. Set the language in the HTML tag

Include the lang or xml:lang attribute in the HTML tag, as follows:

<html lang="es">
<html xml:lang="es">

2. Set the language using a meta tag

Include a dc.language or content-language meta tag in the HEAD section of your page, as follows:

<meta name="dc.language" content="es" />
<meta http-equiv="content-language" content="es" />

The examples above set the language to Spanish.

Language information in PDF files

Your PDF files need to have Language meta information in place. Go to Adobe’s instructions on how to set the Language.

Additional resources on language settings

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