Drive Growth & Engagement With<span style="color:#F5363B;"> Smart Content Recommendations</span>

Drive Growth & Engagement With Smart Content Recommendations

Effortlessly engage and retain your audience with our
easy-to-integrate content recommendation feature.It’s designed to personalize site experiences and keep visitors coming back.

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Helping 1,800+ Brands Fine-Tune Their Internal Search Results

Customize, Control, and Enhance Engagement

Unlock the full potential of your business with our advanced content recommendation engine, designed for precision and adaptability across all your content needs.

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Diverse Layout Options

Choose from grids, lists, or carousels to display your content in the most engaging way.

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Control every element

Choose the exact information you want to display in your recommendation, with details as simple or as granular as needed.

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Powerful rules engine

Using rules, specify exactly what kind of content you would like to show in your recommendation.

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Frequently Bought Together Integration

Use frequently bought together data to create powerful upselling or cross-selling widgets.

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Context-based filtering

Dynamically change the content shown in the recommendation based on the page it’s shown on: for example, showing cheaper products to the one shown on the page.

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Broad Content Applicability

From recommending articles to products, enhance every corner of your site with smart recommendations.

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Seamless Integration, Dynamic Content, Scalable Performance

Streamline your platform with efficient integration, tailored content suggestions, and a scalable infrastructure designed to grow with your business.

Real-Time Recommendations

Deliver up-to-the-moment content suggestions, keeping your site dynamic and engaging.

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Easy Integration

Get up and running quickly with minimal coding required, thanks to our user-friendly setup process.

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Scalable Solutions

Whether you’re a budding startup or a bustling enterprise, our engine scales with your traffic, ensuring consistent performance.

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A Content Recommendation Solution for Multiple Industries

Transform learning with relevant course recommendations, and ensure students find the resources they need to succeed.

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Keep readers hooked with targeted content suggestions, from articles to videos, enhancing their browsing experience and time spent on your site.

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Offer tailored financial advice and product recommendations. Guide users to make informed decisions suited to their financial goals.

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Inspire wanderlust with personalized travel guides and destination tips. This can help make trip planning seamless and exciting for every traveler. 

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recommendation engine

recommendation engine

recommendation engine

recommendation engine

recommendation engine

Premium Site Search Within Your Budget

Monthly Annually


$129 Per month
$99 Per month
Easy-to-use and fast search solution

Key features:
– Manage Search Results
– Synonyms and Autocomplete
– Google Analytics Integration
– PDF, DOC and PPT files

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$649 Per month
$499 Per month
Advanced search solution for websites and ecommerce

Key features:
– Everything in Professional
– Ranking Tools, Personalization and Auto Synonyms
– Our devs and designers build your unique Search UI
– SLA & Priority Support

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Fully-tailored solution for the enterprise

Key features:
– Everything in Premium
– Custom Commercial Terms
– Multiple Search Indices
– Fully Customizable

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about site search and our cloud-based solution.

AddSearch Recommend is an add-on solution to the AddSearch Site Search solution. You must purchase either the Premium or Enterprise plan to access it:

  • Premium plan: $499 per month; for advanced search and recommend solutions, perfect for ecommerce.
  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing; fully-tailored search and recommend solutions.

Please note that AddSearch Recommend is not available for the Professional plan. 

See a full breakdown of Addsearch’s pricing plans and features. 


AddSearch Recommend is available as an add-on solution and cannot be purchased separately. Here’s how you can incorporate it into your plan:

  • Premium plan: one year of free complimentary access.
  • Enterprise plan: already included in the package.

Please note that AddSearch Recommend uses your monthly search query credits. Each recommendation generated by the system counts towards your allocated search query limit.


AddSearch is one of the best site search and content recommendation solutions for ecommerce. It offers:

  • Intelligent Site Search feature: Turn every search into sales by displaying the most relevant products based on the customer’s search queries or bought products.
  • On-target Recommend feature: Suggest frequently bought together products to increase shopping cart sizes or use custom logic to promote specific items to reduce inventory.
  • Powered by AI: Every search query made and recommendations accepted or ignored can be leveraged to develop a better sales strategy with our self-learning AI solution.

World-class customer support: We offer excellent products and legendary customer service to help you address any challenges you may encounter on your journey with us.

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Compared to similar recommend site solutions, AddSearch Recommend stands out for the following reasons:

  • Advanced Feature-Based Targeting (FBT) configurations: Curated recommendations that match the user’s needs and your business goals.
  • Easy to set up: Requires minimal coding to get the feature up and running.
  • Real-time recommendations: Dynamically suggest content based on the user’s search queries or chosen product/content.

Broad applicability: Can support multiple industries, such as ecommerce, banking and financial services, media companies, and educational institutions.


AddSearch Recommend provides suggestions to your website visitors for content or products they may be interested in based on their chosen products (e.g., frequently bought together items) or general trends (e.g., trending products). For example, when a customer adds a phone to the cart, they’ll receive a recommendation for a phone case.

In contrast, AddSearch Site Search empowers visitors to swiftly and accurately find information within your website. Take our Auto Synonym feature, for instance: when a customer searches for “trousers,” instead of receiving zero match results, they’ll be directed to “pants” product pages—eliminating no-hit search results for a better chance at sales.


“AddSearch has greatly improved the user experience of our website. AddSearch team is quick to respond to our requests and offer quick and lasting solutions.”
Lionel Vary, Project Manager
at Barracuda Networks