Specifying page’s publishing time

There are two main ways for letting AddSearch know when your page was published, described below. If none of these tags are found on a page, AddSearch tries to determine the publication time directly from the content. Finally, if no publication time is found, AddSearch uses the time when the page was added to the search index.

1. Set publication date using the article:published_time meta tag

You can set the publication time with an article:published_time meta tag, placed in the HEAD section of your page. The date needs to be in ISO 8601 format.

<meta property="article:published_time" content="2017-08-14" />

2.Set publication date using time tags

You can also set the publication time using the time tag with a datetime attribute. These tags can be included anywhere on the page, typically around the text which states the publication date & time. If the page contains multiple time tags, AddSearch looks for one that has a pubdate attribute. The date needs to be in ISO 8601 format. Example:

<time datetime="2017-11-15T07:35:40+03:00">November 15th 2017 at 7.35am</time>