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AddSearch is an instant search for websites that gives results immediately and is very easy to install. Implementing the AddSearch instant search onto your Sitefinity site can be done by following these instructions.

How to Install AddSearch onto a Sitefinity Site

First, find your Site key by following these instructions:

  1. Login to your AddSearch Account
  2. Go to Keys and installation under Setup
  3. Copy your site key under Your Site Key

Use our Search Designer tool to configure the widget according to your needs and copy the installation script. Then paste the script into your website template where you would like the AddSearch field to appear. Here is an example of what the script snippet might look like:

 window.addsearch_settings = {
  "asw_01": {
    "show_search_suggestions": false,
    "search_suggestion_position": "left",
    "default_sortby": "relevance",
    "display_date": false,
    "display_meta_description": false,
    "display_result_image": true,
    "link_target": "_self",
    "hide_logo": false,
    "direction": "ltr",
    "analytics_enabled": false,
    "automatic_filter_results_by_site_language": false
<script src=""></script>

Apply the Script to your homepage using Sitefinity Admin

  1. Login to your Sitefinity Admin
  2. Go to the “Administration->Settings->Web Security” and edit “Content-Security-Policy” under “Trusted Sources” section, and add “*” to all sub-sections. sitefinity admin
  3. Go to the “Page -> Edit Content” and choose “Embed Code” under scripts and styles, and drag and drop the embed code widget where you want the search to appear. sitefinity content
  4. Click “Embed Code” and paste the script you have created using the Search Designer tool and click save. Once the script is saved click publish.installing addsearch on sitefinity website
  5. All done you should see the search bar on your pageinstalling addsearch on sitefinity

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