With the Analytics dashboard, you have access to tables and data visualizations of your users’ search queries and behaviors.


The Overview section of the Analytics Dashboard provides an at-a-glance summary of your user statistics. This includes an overview of popular keywords, which is updated daily, and charted search and click data as well as information about click-through rates for keywords. Chart data can be viewed by day, week, or month within a date range of 100 days.

Latest Keywords

The Latest keywords section of your Statistics displays a table of the terms used in the most recent search queries on your site. 

No Hits Keywords

The No hits keywords section displays keywords that returned no results. On the right side of the table, you can find the number of times each query has been searched within the defined date range. No hits keywords are updated daily.


The Keywords section of your Analytics dashboard provides a list of the most searched keywords used to search your site. Clicking on a keyword in the Keyword table reveals a list of URLs clicked when the keyword is searched. Here you’ll find additional information like the click count and share of the total clicks for each URL as well as a Keyword Daily Analytics graph for individual keywords. From the graph, you can see how searches with a particular keyword have evolved over time.


Data visible in the Keywords section can also be viewed inversely in the Results section of the Analytics dashboard. Here you can see a list of your most-clicked page URLs and the corresponding keywords searched to find those pages. Full URLs for each page can be found atop the Keyword column on the right.


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