Auto Synonyms feature utilizes advanced AI functionality to identify ‘no-hit’ keywords — search terms that yield no results — and automatically suggest contextually relevant synonyms. This process not only improves the accuracy of search results but also significantly enhances the user experience.

Managing ‘no-hit’ keywords with the traditional Synonyms feature requires reviewing the ‘no-hits’ keywords and adding them as synonyms for the search manually. Auto Synonyms streamlines the process of manual management by identifying and suggesting synonyms automatically – helpful on any content-heavy platform.

Enabling Auto Synonyms in Your Dashboard

  1. Log in to your AddSearch account
  2. Click on Synonyms link under the Manage results section to open Synonyms page
  3. Use Add new synonym using AddSearch AI toggle to enable Auto Synonyms


Reviewing and managing synonyms

When the Auto Synonym feature is activated, it identifies ‘no-hit’ keywords from user searches. For each detected keyword, the system automatically suggests relevant synonyms. By accessing the dashboard, users can easily view these suggestions and have the option to delete any synonym if needed.


Changing the default language

By default, the language is set to auto-detect. To select the language, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Advanced Configuration button to open the interface


  1. Select the desired language from the drop-down


  1. Click the Save button to set the language


Please note that only one language can be supported at a time. The selected language is used to generate contextually relevant synonyms. To use multiple languages, you need to separate indices for each language.

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