Convert <span style="color:#F5363B;">1.8x More Visitors</span> with Personalized Internal Site Search And Recommendations

Convert 1.8x More Visitors with Personalized Internal Site Search And Recommendations

Irrelevant search results are costing you. Optimize your internal search function and help customers find personalized search results based on their interests—fast.

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Helping 1,800+ Brands Fine-Tune Their Internal Search Results

Get More Out of Your Website with Site Search

Our custom, scalable internal site search solution will help you reap these benefits for your website or application.

better understand user behavior with site search data

Better Understand User Behavior

Identify trends or search hiccups that impact user behavior. Get insights into how your users navigate your site (without cookies), the search terms used, and the pages visited.

increase sales and conversions with addsearch site search implementation

Increase Sales and Conversions

Help your customers find exactly what they’re looking for in a few clicks. Provide more relevant, semantic search results and recommend suggestions that pique their interest.

gain a competitive advantage with our site search solutions

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Keep your visitors happy, or they’ll jump ship to competitors. By improving your user experience and discovery, you can outrank websites that aren’t using a site search solution.

reduce helpdesk pressure with site search solutions

Reduce Helpdesk Pressure

Grow your customer self-service and reduce the pressure on your helpdesk and inbox. Empower customers to answer their own questions without having to contact support.

Enhance User Experience with Intelligent Advanced Search Features

Instantly tailored search results for each website visitor – AddSearch’s personalization engine reshapes the browsing journey in real-time based on user interaction.

Leverages AI to identify trending patterns and reorganize search results accordingly. Ranking Tools ensures that the most popular trends are prioritized and gain more visibility.

Reduce bounce rates with Automated Synonyms Suggestions, powered by OpenAI. Auto Synonyms automatically detects and adds synonyms for zero-result searches to ensure users find what they need. Support in 21 languages.

Decide on which content appears on top based on keywords. A powerful tool to enforce more visibility to the most important content and products.

Add promotions to your search results to bring spotlight to special offers or important announcements. Promotions appear when selected keywords are used and are fully customizable in design.

Success Stories From Our Happy Customers

From e-commerce to universities, AddSearch provides advanced internal site search solutions for organizations from various industries and use cases.
Read more about how AddSearch has helped them to improve website visitor experience and increase conversion rates.

Fully-Tailored Enterprise Search Solution for Any Needs

soc 2 certified for secure search solution

SOC 2 Certified for Secure Search

AddSearch is SOC 2 certified—iterating our dedication to data security and privacy. We are committed to providing a top-tier site search solution that prioritizes protecting your valuable data.

99.99% service uptime with our site search solutions

99.99% Service Uptime

We understand the critical importance of uptime and are committed to providing world-class services for all Enterprise customers. Experience unparalleled reliability with Service Level Agreement (SLA) boasting a stellar 99.99%.

custom search implementation and stellar customer support

Custom Search Implementation and Stellar Customer Support

Rely on our phenomenal support team and extensive documentation to support you every step of the way. Save designer and developer resources by opting for a custom search UI and implementation from our team, ensuring a world-class search experience.

Premium Site Search Solutions Within Your Budget

Monthly Annually


$129 Per month
$99 Per month
Easy-to-use and fast search solution

Key features:
– Manage Search Results
– Synonyms and Autocomplete
– Google Analytics Integration
– PDF, DOC and PPT files

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$649 Per month
$499 Per month
Advanced search solution for websites and ecommerce

Key features:
– Everything in Professional
– Ranking Tools, Personalization and Auto Synonyms
– Our devs and designers build your unique Search UI
– SLA & Priority Support

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Fully-tailored solution for the enterprise

Key features:
– Everything in Premium
– Custom Commercial Terms
– Multiple Search Indices
– Fully Customizable

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about site search and our cloud-based solution.

AI-powered site search enhances the efficiency and accuracy of your search functionality, providing users with a more intuitive and personalized experience. For that, AI-powered site search leverages machine learning algorithms to understand user intent, context, and preferences. AddSearch provides several AI-powered features, such as Progressive Ranking and Automated Synonyms Suggestions, to make search more intuitive and give better results for your visitors.

AddSearch provides a custom search implementation that takes usually between 2-4 weeks, depending on the site complexity, how much content the site has and specific search functionalities. You can also sign up to the service yourself and get a search working on your website the same day, by using AddSearch ready-made search widget and easy-to-use search design tools.

AddSearch works with any CMS, also legacy ones. Thanks to its state-of-the-art crawler, your content can be indexed on any site. AddSearch also has native applications on WordPress and Shopify.

Personalized search customizes search results based on an individual user’s preferences, behavior, and historical interactions. With AddSearch, you can set up a personalized search in a couple of different ways. Just follow the steps on our documentation to get started.

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AddSearch supports websites with more than 30 languages, so it very likely also supports your website. Additionally to the language, AddSearch provides Automated Synonyms Suggestions to ensure your search provides results for different words used in the same language.

Yes, with AddSearch, you can combine content from different websites, CMSs and platforms. For example, you can have blog on WordPress, products on Shopify and customer support pages on another CMS. You can combine everything into one search.

“AddSearch has greatly improved the user experience of our website. AddSearch team is quick to respond to our requests and offer quick and lasting solutions.”
Lionel Vary, Project Manager
at Barracuda Networks