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$25Per month, billed annually
Essential features to get started with a fast customizable search

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$99Per month, billed monthly
$89Per month, billed annually
Entry point to a professional search with powerful features

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Advanced search solution for bigger organizations or more specific needs

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From $1,990Per month, billed monthly
From $1,990Per month, billed annually
Fully-tailored solution for any needs with implementation support

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Search queries UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Search indices 1112+
Additional search indices$99 / index / month (max 4)Custom
Documents 1,00010,00025,000Custom
Additional documents $25 / 10k / month$25 / 10k / monthCustomCustom
Users 2510Custom
Domains 21020Custom
Crawling WeeklyEvery 3 daysDailyCustom
AJAX / JavaScript crawling
Authenticated crawling Add-onAdd-onAdd-on
Search API
Analytics StandardProProPro
Search results management
Search filters
Additional file types
Multilingual website and language-specific features
Search suggestions autocomplete
Ranking by custom fields and tags
Promotions 520Custom
Support StandardStandardPriorityPriority
Account manager & expert implementation team
Invoicing and Purchase Orders
Custom Commercial Terms and Agreements
Custom Search UI created by AddSearch
Service Level Agreement
99.9%99.9 – 99.999%
Test (staging) environment Add-on
Organizational user management Add-on
Audit log Add-on
Personalization Add-onAdd-on

Set of tools you get with any plan

Manage Search Results
Manage Search Results
Don’t leave anything to chance. Direct visitors to the pages that matter most.
Analyze Search Intent
Analyze Search Intent
Your website is your main asset. Uncover what your visitors are searching for.
Self-Learning Algorithm
Self-Learning Algorithm
Our intelligent algorithm watches visitor patterns and adjusts search results to target the most popular results.
Search API
Search API
Create unique result pages, queries for related content, search functionality for mobile apps and more.
Awesome Support
Awesome Support
From the extensive documentation to phenomenal support team, we are here to back you up.

AddSearch can be used with any CMS

AddSearch for Nonprofits and Education

We want to support nonprofit and educational organizations, as well as people behind them. That is why we offer a discount for qualified companies and institutions.

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