Result Management and Ranking Structured Data

Custom fields allow for more specialized filtering of search results to help users better access content based on different variables beyond the standard filters provided by default. Broadly speaking, custom fields allow you to better map your data to your search index.

With custom fields, you can define fields with names and values (eg. meta tags or from existing HTML elements on your pages). These names and values are then returned in your search, where you can use them as additional values to filter your results.

How can custom fields be used?

Custom fields are useful in allowing your users to accurately find what they’re looking for, even if your search index contains a large and varied number of items. 

Custom fields can be especially useful for e-commerce sites. Perhaps your online shop has the complex inventory you’d like to make more accessible to your customers. Custom fields allow you to tailor your users’ results to the kinds of products you stock, like color, size, or product type. 

Additionally, it may be that you have a wide array of kinds of content and topics covered on your site. Custom fields allow you to specify with greater accuracy the various categories and formats this content comes in. Here, your custom fields will better enable your users to navigate your site and find what they are looking for. 


Custom fields can be defined using meta tags within your pages’ markup. Among other data types, custom fields support dates, integers, keywords, and text. You can read more about defining custom fields here.  Once defined, your custom fields can be used in filtering and sorting search results. 

Custom fields are returned with API results; allowing you to display additional information about items or products. They can also be used as an optional query parameter with the AddSearch API, which allows you to rank or filter by these fields. For reference, see our API documentation here.

In addition to automatically generated search suggestions, AddSearch allows you to manage search suggestions with custom fields and custom suggestions. You can read more about using search suggestions within your search here.

It is also possible to boost custom field weights with numeric values so that they are given priority over other elements in the index. This option can be configured by AddSearch. Contact our support team for more information. 

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