Introducing separate results page

As more and more customers are migrating from the discontinued Google Custom Site Search, we launched a highly requested feature: Separate results page.

An example website with traditional results page can be found from this link.

Separate results page is swift to set up. All you need to do is to add a simple search form […]

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Fresh from the oven: Search API

We extended our REST API with a Search endpoint. This new endpoint makes it possible to create custom user interfaces on top of our lightning fast site search. With the REST API you are able to create unique result pages, queries for related content, search functionality for mobile apps and more.

Feel free to explore […]

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We warmly welcome Google Site Search users

Google has announced that they are sunsetting the Custom Site Search product and it will be fully closed down by the next April. We at AddSearch offer a great alternative for CSE. No more worries how to keep your users happy. AddSearch is a beautiful, fast and accurate search for any website. We have […]

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New Feature: Full Recrawl – or “reset the index”.

One of the most frequently received rehquests that we receive on our support channels, is the request to perform a full recrawl of a customer’s site, or to “reset the index”, as some users also call it. After making large changes on your site (e.g. changing the domain name, changing the paths of the […]

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Merry Christmas from AddSearch! (Limited support)

From the white Northern parts of the world, we would like to wish you all
a Merry Christmas!
We hope you will have a wonderful time with friends, family and loved ones.
 We will enjoy Christmas here as well, and that’s why our support is scaled back over the next few days, starting from the 24th of […]

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New Feature: PDF indexing

We are very happy to announce the release of a new feature: PDF Support, meaning that we can now also crawl and index your PDF documents. This was one of the most requested features, and offers obvious benefits to anyone who hosts multiple PDF documents on their site, such as installation manuals, technical support […]

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AddSearch releases new simplified pricing model

Today we are happy to announce that we have changed our gradual pricing into a simplified model. Since many of your users were unaware of how many pages their sites actually had or would have in the future, they ended up having difficulty which plan to choose, or feared that the price would increase drastically once […]

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Filtering the AddSearch bot from Google Analytics

As AddSearch adds content from your site to the search index, the AddSearch bot or crawler gets counted as traffic by most analytics software. This inflates your traffic numbers somewhat. To get accurate traffic statistics, you need to exclude AddSearch’s crawler, called “AddSearchBot”, from your analytics.
The best way to filter out AddSearch is to […]

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This Week in Site Search #40: Mobile, Beauty retailers and How to increase Selling Power

“This week in Site Search” is a new weekly feature on our blog, where we collect for you a number of relevant links concerning site search and related matter. If you have tips, please send them to

Week 40:

Why Site Search Should be the Top Priority for Online Beauty Retailers:
A great read at the UNBXD […]

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New Feature: Earn Free Bonus Pages by telling your friends.

Are you happy with your AddSearch experience? Why not give you friends the same opportunity and earn some bonus pages while you are at it?  Or are you simply at the top of your current AddSearch plan?
Tell your Friends about AddSearch, follow us on Facebook & Twitter and we will give you up to 200 extra […]

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