Search through all of your web content

Search through all of your web content

Fully-featured, customizable, and enterprise-level search solution for websites small and large.

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search result management

Be in control of your search results

Take advantage of your search to drive traffic to the most important pages of your website. Fine-tune your search results to make sure your visitors find what they are looking for.

  • Autocomplete and search suggestions
  • Boost the ranking of webpages or site sections
  • Exclude or add content to your search

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Analyze Search Intent

Build your content strategy around your website visitors’ needs. Monitor your search performance and optimize your search results.¬†Uncover the hidden demand and boost customer engagement.

  • Popular keyword queries
  • Keywords that do not answer the search intent
  • Empty keyword results and low click-through rate results

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search analytics

site search design

Design without restrictions

Use ready-made customizable views or create search design using our Search UI library components. Our design and implementation support is available to Premium customers.

  • Filters, facets, sorting and more
  • Instant search or traditional form submit
  • E-commerce grid views

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Add search personalization

Show search results unique to each user or user segment depending on their history, behavious or settings. Build seemless website experience that helps your customers stay engaged while promoting products or content.

  • Personalized search results
  • Smart product recommendations
  • Personalization implementation support

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search personalization

search cms

Work with any CMS

From WordPress, Wix to popular e-commerce platforms or uncommon CMSs, we’ve got you covered. You can install the search to any system, whether by native integration or plugin (like WordPress) or simply by adding a few lines on code.

  • Native plugin for WordPress
  • Work with e-commerce platforms
  • Install search to popular and uncommon CMSs

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