Dashboard Result Management and Ranking

The Exact match boost increases the ranking of exact phrases from the documents that match a search term containing two or more words.

Since the exact match boost amplifies the visibility of the documents with exact matches, it is useful when your customer knows the search term precisely.

For instance, your customer may be looking for a specific phone model, a car spare part, a book title, or a university course.

Exact match boost user interface

The Exact match user interface consists of the Exact match value and the Edit button you can use to enter the editor.

The section on the right consists of the search field, the switch for enabling or disabling the visibility of Pinned results and Promotions.

Below the switch, you will find the search results used to monitor real-time how the Exact match boost affects the search results.

Picture of the Exact match boost user interface.

Editing the Exact match boost values

To edit the Exact match boost values, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your AddSearch Account
  2. Go to Ranking tools under Manage results
  3. Click the Exact Match Boost link
  4. Click Edit button to enter the editor

The editor appears.

  1. Use the slider or enter numbers to the input field to change the value

Picture of the Exact Match Boost editor.

  1. Click
    • Save button to save the changes
    • Cancel button to cancel the changes
    • Restore defaults button to restore the defaults

Picture of ranking tools save cancel restore option buttons.

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