Dashboard Result Management and Ranking

Synonyms improve search results by linking words with similar meanings. When a user enters a search term, the search returns results for any synonyms of the word defined as a synonym in the AddSearch dashboard.

For example, if on an e-commerce website selling footwear, “sneakers” and “running shoes” are defined as synonyms, a customer searching for “sneakers” will also see results for “running shoes”. This can make search results more comprehensive and relevant, leading to a better user experience.


To add synonyms follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your AddSearch Account
  2. Go to Synonyms under Manage results
  3. Click Add new synonym group +
  4. Type in a comma-separated list of synonyms each row
  5. Click Save after making changes

picture of synonyms user interface in addsearch dashboard.

Please note, that synonym keywords don’t work with Pinned results. You have to do a setup separately in Pinned results.

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