Custom Search UI built by experts

Custom Search UI built by experts

Let us handle the search design and implementation for you.

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No effort from your side

Do you want to build a unique search tailored to your website? We got you! Our designers and developers will work on the search for your website if you choose to go with Premium or Enterprise.

We will handle the project all the way from learning about your specific needs, developing and coding the search, to implementing it on your website. Our team has deep expertise and will gladly guide you with the best search practices in mind.

Search UI library and dev tools at your disposal

If you’re designing your search in-house, building a custom search UI has become easier and faster than ever.

We proactively develop our tools to facilitate developers’ work. Use our API and modern Search UI library and see for yourself.

Search UI Library on Github

Loved by developers from all over the world

“With AddSearch, we built our site search exactly as we wanted. Clear documentation and great fast support made it really easy to connect and achieve good results.”

Stephanie Baxter,
Senior Web & Applications Developer, Robert Gordon University

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Build your search from a library of ready-made components

Instant Results

Relevant search results can be shown instantly below the search field.

Search Suggestions

Guide your visitors to better search results by suggesting the most relevant search terms.

Combine multiple views

Use multiple elements to build a search that your customers will love.


Faceted search makes it easy to create contextual filters based on the properties of search results.


Search results can be sorted by relevance, date or any custom data field like price or popularity.


You name it: price, color, brand or anything that matters to your customers. Guide your users through your product list with smart filters and facets.

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