Add content to the search

Add content to the search

Whether with the AddSearch Crawler or Indexing API, your search will always have up-to-date information.

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Choose one of the two ways to index your content

AddSearch web crawling spiders

Add content to your search automatically

Our state-of-the-art crawler will go through your content regularly and update your search in real-time. So your visitors can always get all answers while searching within site.

  • We crawl your web content automatically, no effort from your side
  • Weekly to daily crawling depending on the plan
  • Use RSS feed for real-time indexing
  • Best for publicly available websites or web content

Use our Indexing API to control your index

Have full control of your web search content with the Indexing API. Push content to your index with API, improve the search experience for a complex set up.

AddSearch web crawling API

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