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The AddSearch WordPress plugin allows anybody with a self-hosted WordPress website to install AddSearch easily. The plugin replaces the existing search of your website with AddSearch, allowing your users to enjoy an instant and lightning-fast search.


The AddSearch WordPress plugin requires an AddSearch account and a crawling index. If you don’t have an AddSearch account, you can sign up to AddSearch here and follow the steps at the sign-up flow to create an account. After signing up, click the Set up crawling button to create a crawling index.

Picture of user interface with a button to choose crawling index as the indexing method.

Installing the AddSearch plugin

  1. Log in to your WordPress account
  2. Click the Plugins link

Picture of WordPress Plugin link on the left of the WordPress dashboard.

  1. On the Plugins page, click the Add New button

Picture of the Add New button in WordPress Plugin page.

  1. On the Add Plugins page, search with the keyword AddSearch to find the AddSearch plugin

Picture of the search plugin interface in WordPress plugins page

  1. Click the Install Now button to install the AddSearch plugin

Picture of the install plugin button in the WordPress plugin page

  1. After the installation, activate the plugin by clicking the Activate button

Picture of the activate plugin button in the WordPress plugin page

Setting up the AddSearch plugin

Your account’s site key is required for the plugin to access the search index. You can copy the site key from the AddSearch dashboard and paste it to the plugin’s settings in the WordPress dashboard.

  1. Click the Keys and installation link in the AddSearch dashboard

Picture of Keys and installation link in the AddSearch dashboard.

  1. Copy the site key

addserach get site key install page

  1. Click AddSearch link under the Settings in the WordPress dashboard

AddSearch plugin settings link in WordPress dashboard.

  1. Paste the site key copied from AddSearch dashboard to the input field
  2. Click the Save Changes button to submit the changes

wordpress addsearch site key input field key added

  1. Choose the search view next to the Installation method settings

Picture of search view options for the AddSearch WordPress plugin in the plugin settings.

  1. Click the Save Changes button to submit the changes

Save button.

  1. Check your the search bar behaviour on your website

Using AddSearch Shortcode

If your theme does not have a default search bar, or if you want to add a search bar to any place on your website, you can use [addsearch] shortcode.

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