Automate synonym creation for your search and say goodbye to 'zero results' pages

Automate synonym creation for your search and say goodbye to 'zero results' pages

Auto Synonyms feature utilizes AI to find synonyms for your no-hit keywords. As a result, search finds results for the exact keywords, as well as all potential synonyms. All automated.

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Helping 1,800+ Brands Fine-Tune Their Search Results

Eliminate searches with zero results. Download the white paper to learn all you need to know about Auto Synonyms.

Facing a dead end on your site search is more than just a minor inconvenience. It’s a potential lost opportunity for engagement and conversion. This common pain point leads to search abandonment, significantly impacting the user experience and impeding potential customers.

Our white paper explores search abandonment and how Auto Synonyms combats it by intelligently matching your users’ searches to relevant content on your site. Auto Synonyms ensures that your website provides the right results for every search.

This comprehensive guide gives you:

  • An overview of search abandonment, and its potential cost to your business
  • An introduction to Auto Synonyms, and how it tackles the problems of search abandonment
  • How Auto Synonyms helps meet user needs by matching no hit searches to relevant content on your site.
  • Examples of how Auto Synonyms supports different industries to improve their search experience

Search abandonment is costing you users and potential revenue every day. Download our white paper to learn how Auto Synonyms can tackle it, turning missed opportunities into meaningful results.


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How Auto Synonyms Works

Background Operation: Auto Synonyms works quietly in the background, constantly updating synonyms without any active effort from your team.

Dashboard Display: Discover suggested synonyms easily on your dashboard.

Simple Activation: Just a click to activate the feature and enhance your search functionality.

Powered by AI: Understands the nuances of language and context using advanced AI large language models.

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