Shape Your E-commerce Success: Boost ROI and AOV with AddSearch

Shape Your E-commerce Success: Boost ROI and AOV with AddSearch

Take the reins of your e-commerce performance with AddSearch. Our intelligent site search solution is designed to provide a personalized search experience, driving a higher average order value and bolstering your return on investment. Ready to shape your success? Discover the AddSearch advantage today.

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ecommerce search for your website

Ease of implementation, maintenance, and use

Discover seamless integration with AddSearch, requiring minimal technical knowledge for easy implementation and maintenance. Our intuitive design ensures effortless use, while our expert team provides expert guidance whenever needed.

ecommerce search for your website

Universal Compatibility: Superior Crawling for Every CMS Out of the Box

Experience seamless integration with AddSearch’s ‘Universal Compatibility.’ Our superior crawler adapts to every CMS out of the box, delivering an unrivaled search experience across all platforms—no compromises, just comprehensive search functionality.

ecommerce search for your website

Speedy Response, Expert Insight: Your Friendly Support Team

Experience unparalleled support with our team, where fast response times meet expert knowledge. Always friendly, we’re committed to helping you navigate any challenge, ensuring your journey with AddSearch is smooth and successful.

Search that works on any platform

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Sell More, Reduce Support Costs, and Connect Visitors to Content with AddSearch

AddSearch is an instant, visual search engine for e-commerce that works on all devices and is easy to implement. We have everything that you need to get started with a powerful, customizable search for your ecommerce store. Guide your website visitors to your products instantly from the front page. Help your customers find answers to their questions, reduce the pressure on your helpdesk and inbox.

Dynamic Precision: Elevating Search Results with AddSearch’s Progressive Ranking

AddSearch’s Progressive Ranking is an innovative feature that infuses your search results with the power of machine learning. Working tirelessly behind the scenes, this dynamic tool fine-tunes your search results in real-time. By meticulously analyzing user queries and clickthrough rates, our advanced algorithm intelligently prioritizes the results that matter most to your audience.

The outcome? Continual enhancements that effortlessly elevate high-demand results, bringing the most relevant information directly to your users. Embrace the power of machine learning with AddSearch and watch your search function go beyond.

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soc 2 compliant for secure site search

SOC 2 Certified for Your Peace of Mind

In the ever-evolving world of digital business, data security, and privacy have become paramount concerns.

With AddSearch as your trusted partner, you can rest easy knowing that we have successfully attained SOC 2 certification — a prestigious validation of our dedication to providing top-tier search enterprise solutions that prioritize the protection of your valuable data.

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ecommerce search for your website


Navigate Your Success with AddSearch’s Shopify Plugin

Experience e-commerce navigation redefined with AddSearch’s Shopify Plugin. Drive customer engagement and increase conversions effortlessly. Ready for success?

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ecommerce search for your website

Unlock Search Relevancy With URL Structure

Increase or decrease the importance of certain site areas or exclude content by URL patterns.

ecommerce search for your website

Empower Your Search Experience: Priority Control for Tailored Results

Fine-tune the search algorithm by assigning weights to standard and custom fields/meta tags. Prioritize and showcase the listings that matter most, shaping the results users see on your site.

ecommerce search for your website

Unleash Priority Power: Pinning Relevant Results for Impactful Searches

Select and prioritize specific search results, ensuring that they appear at the top of the list for relevant queries.

Drive Attention to Key Products, Effortlessly

Take charge of your search results by displaying a custom banner at the top of the search results. Whether it’s for all searches or specific keywords, you have the flexibility to showcase promotions that truly matter.

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ecommerce search for your website

Value for money

AddSearch provides exceptional value, merging top-tier features with cost-effectiveness. Every dollar spent translates into superior site search, enhancing user experiences and maximizing your return on investment.

ecommerce search for your website

Easy-to-use dashboard

Navigate with ease using AddSearch’s user-friendly dashboard. It’s packed with accessible metrics and tools, empowering you to optimize your site search capabilities seamlessly.



ecommerce search for your website

Human approach

Experience the AddSearch: a fusion of advanced technology complemented by a human-centric approach. Our team’s dedication to understanding your unique needs ensures a tailored, effective site search solution for your platform.

G2-ratings The AddSearch team has done an amazing job working with us to come up with a solution that will fit our clients' needs.
Agency on G2Crowd
G2-ratingsEasy to use, high speed and has a very nice presentation of the search results. It also handles spelling mistakes quite well, which I think is very important for any search function. Overall, I would recommend this product to anybody looking for a very easy way to implement a search function on their homepage.
Consultant on G2Crowd
G2-ratingsIt's simple to add AddSearch to an existing website. We were up and running quickly. Excellent customer support. We had an indexing issue and the team was able to resolve it quickly.
Darren G. on G2Crowd


ecommerce search for your website

Decreased time to market

Experience a streamlined launch with AddSearch, designed to fast-track your journey to market. With our solution, you can bypass lengthy development times and make your digital presence felt sooner.

ecommerce search for your website

Right product with minimal effort

Leverage the power of AddSearch to effortlessly deliver the right products to your audience. Our smart technology intuitively understands user needs, ensuring relevant products are always just a search away.

ecommerce search for your website

Know-how of our experts

Benefit from the deep expertise of our AddSearch team. With a wealth of experience in site search solutions, we’re here to guide you through every step, ensuring your platform reaches its full potential.


ecommerce search for your website

Trusted by over 1800 customers globally.

“For us, search plays a crucial role in website sales and conversion rates. Search can quickly bring potential customers to our products and even encourage a sale.”

Darrin Elkins, Global Webmaster at ESAB

highest rated


Understand user behavior on your website (without cookies), including what search terms are used, and what pages are visited after a search. Identify trends and make informed decisions about how to improve your website.

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ecommerce search for your website

Higher ROI

At AddSearch, we provide high ROI by reducing development time and cost. Our flexible plans allow businesses to optimize investment, enhance conversions, lower support costs, and improve user experience, effectively boosting your bottom line.

ecommerce search for your website

    Increased AOV

Harnessing the power of machine learning, AddSearch tailors your e-commerce journey to each unique visitor. Using features like ‘frequently bought together’ suggestions, we can optimize customer engagement and effectively help boost your Average Order Value.

ecommerce search for your website

Personalized Experience

AddSearch offers a powerful personalization feature, enhancing the user experience by tailoring search results based on user behavior, preferences, and other customized settings, driving better engagement and improved conversion rates on your websites.​

Supercharge your sales with Frequently Bought Together

Our machine learning algorithms use your pre-existing data to pinpoint products that customers frequently bundle together,  helping you effortlessly increase your average order value (AOV).

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ecommerce search for your website

ecommerce search for your website

Implementing a custom search solution for Gemini Computers

Learn how AddSearch helped Gemini Computers improve their search result accuracy by implementing a custom site search solution for their e-commerce website.

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