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AddSearch AI Search and Discovery increases conversion rates and drives ROI by providing an instant, visual search engine for e-commerce that works on all devices.

Get custom search UI and implementation by the AddSearch team for $499/month.

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Make Your Shopify Search Fast And Relevant To Sell More Products. Try It Yourself!

AddSearch Shopify plugin is an instant, visual search engine for e-commerce that works on all devices and is easy to implement. It has everything you need to get started with a powerful, customizable search for your e-commerce store:

  • Self-learning algorithm to automate your search results order.
  • Add to Cart button to increase conversions.
  • Search relevancy toolkit, including ranking tools, pinned results, and promotions.
  • Actionable analytics to learn from the visitors and make better decisions.

Guide your website visitors to your products instantly from the front page.

Self-Learning Algorithm
Self-Learning Algorithm
Our intelligent algorithm watches visitor patterns and adjusts search results to target the most popular results.
Check-out Faster
Check-out Faster
Helps customers check out faster with the add to cart button on search results
Actionable Analytics
Actionable Analytics
Actionable analytics, which gives real-time insights into search statistics
Mobile Compatible
Mobile Compatible
Incredibly fast search as you type experience across all devices
Search Relevancy Toolkit
Search Relevancy Toolkit
Do you want blog articles to be shown above any other pages? Adjust ranking of certain site sections or individual pages with Site Areas.

Design Search To Match Your Store
Design Search To Match Your Store
For the Business + plan, AddSearch builds your end-to-end search experience.

Increase conversions with Add to Cart button

Increase Conversions With The Add To Cart Button

The fewer clicks your customers need to start buying, the better.

With the Add to Cart button, visitors can add your products to their cart directly from the search results list, no matter whether the results are displayed in an instant drop-down, or on a separate results page.

The Add to Cart button:

  • Makes it easy to add products to carts without visiting the product page
  • Decreases the time and effort for customers to get from search to purchase
  • Increases conversions and improves user experience

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Actionable Analytics Help You To Grow Your Business

Search analytics provide you with valuable insights that help you make the best decisions for your business.

Examples of using search analytics on your Shopify store:

  • Understand which products have created the most interest.
  • See which products have the highest click-through rates from search results.
  • Learn which products your visitors searched for aren’t on your website.
  • Follow trends and compare seasons.
  • Identify products that were searched for, but not purchased in the end.

By following the analytics, you make good decisions not only about improving the search, but also about improving your business overall. Use analytics to optimize your business and make search your competitive advantage!

Search as you type

Increase Conversion Rates With Lightning-Fast Search

AddSearch AI Search and Discovery increases conversion rates and drives ROI by providing an instant, visual search engine for e-commerce that works on all devices. The search-as-you-type functionality works fast, and it always displays the most relevant results based on customers’ intent.

Why is it important for your website? Visitors want to find the right products faster than ever before. Failing to show the best results in an instant makes your visitor experience slow and may lose you business. We all know how irritating slow websites are, so don’t let your site be one!

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Automate Your Search With A Self-Learning Algorithm

AddSearch gives you plenty of tools to configure search results. However, its powerful AI-based engine keeps learning from your visitors and buyers all the time. Every search brings better and more relevant results.

Want to give our AI cues? Simply add configurations on your dashboard to emphasize which types of products are more important. Would you like to prioritize certain categories or brands? Perhaps you want to give more weight to your newest products? Set your search up for success and let the automation do the rest.

Get better search for your store today!

Business Plan

$99/month (annual billing)
$129/month (monthly billing)

50,000 products

500,000 search queries a month

365 days search history analytics

Multi-lingual support

AI-based and manual ranking toolkit

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Premium Plan

$499/month (annual billing)

Everything in Business Plan, plus:

Custom search UI built by the AddSearch team

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