Dashboard Indexing

AddSearch allows you to export a list of the indexed pages’ URLs and IDs.

Exporting indexed URLs/IDs is useful if you want to review whether pages are missing from the index. You can also use the list to determine which pages or areas of your site to exclude from the search.


To export all indexed URLs/IDs, follow these instructions

  1. Login to your AddSearch Account
  2. Go to the Index tools
  3. Click Start export under URL export tool
  4. Click Download file to download the list

Please note that generating the export takes a short while.
Picture of URL export tool in AddSearch Dashboard.

The generated file looks like this
Document URL;Document Id

The document Id is the document URL encoded as md5 hash.

You can export another list. Click Redo export under URL export tool.

Picture of URL export tool with download button in AddSearch dashboard.

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