AddSearch adds new content from your site to the search automatically. This process is called crawling and re-crawling.

We analyze how often the content on your site changes, and adapt the re-crawling cycle accordingly.

Typically you don’t need to worry about this process at all. When you start using AddSearch, it may take a while before the new and updated pages appear in the search results.

Once AddSearch learns more about your site, the re-crawling process speeds up, and new content gets added much faster.


One way to ensure that your search index includes all of your intended documents and pages is by adding a sitemap to your index. Sitemaps are recrawled daily which means that if there is a new page on your website and it has been added to your sitemap, it will be added to the index within 24 hours. You can crawl your sitemap by entering its URL in the Index Tools located in your dashboard.

Real time indexing

If you add and update large numbers of content very frequently, you can use our RSS feed option. With the RSS feature, updated content appears in the search immediately.

The support for the RSS feed feature is available for Professional, Premium and Enterprise plans.

You can also add and update content through AddSearch’s search API.

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