You can use Hidden keywords to associate your keywords to an indexed page and increase the importance of the page in the search results.

Hidden keywords are useful when your visitor searches with keywords that do not exist in the contents of the indexed page. For instance, you can define slang terms, nicknames or competitor’s similar products as Hidden keywords.

AddSearch also provides Synonyms, Pinned results, and Promotions for guiding your visitors to relevant pages.


To add Hidden keywords follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your AddSearch Account
  2. Go to Index tools
  3. Add URL to the input field under Page status and actions
  4. Click Check status
  • If the page is not indexed, you will be prompted that “No document found with given URL.” Press Crawl URL
  • If the page is indexed, the indexed content is displayed
  1. Click to add next to Hidden keywords
  2. Add your Hidden keywords separated with comma to the input field
  3. Click the red check mark to submit changes

The changes take effect immediately and no re-crawl is needed.

Picture of user interface to add Hidden keyword in AddSearch Dashboard.