Pinned results

With the Pinned results feature you can curate search results manually. Type in a keyword and decide which results should be on the top of your results page.


The Pinned results feature is easy to use. Log in to the AddSearch Dashboard and head to the Pinned results page. After that, follow these instructions:

  1. Type any keyword to the search field and press enter
  2. Search results appear. Click the pin icon to glue some results to the top
  3. Use arrow icons to move pinned results up and down
  4. If you wish to remove the pin click the active pin icon again

Styling pinned results

Pinned results are stylable with the CSS class addsearch-result-type-pinned. For example, show pinned results with a yellow background color:

  .addsearch-result-type-pinned {
    background-color: #FFF792 !important;