AddSearch is an instant search for any website, and it works on all websites regardless of how the site is built. It’s fully mobile, and support desktops, tablets, and phones. For the site owner, AddSearch offers full control of the search results, and extensive analytics. AddSearch is also very easy to install, and requires copying just one line of JavaScript code to any site; there’s nothing else to do.

Now if you are a WordPress user, it’s even easier to get instant search for your site. You don’t need to copy even that one line of code. Instead, you can simply install the new AddSearch WordPress plugin, and we do the rest: there’s no maintenance or hassle.

First, sign up for AddSearch on our home page. We will create a demo of your search in minutes, and you can see what AddSearch would look like on your site. After you’ve created the demo, follow these easy instructions to install the WordPress plugin.

AddSearch is hosted in high availability hosting centers around the world. We detect where your users are, and serve the search results automatically from the nearest location. Our service scales to high traffic levels and very large amounts of content without any effort from your part. AddSearch is also fully mobile; the user interface detects the user’s device automatically and adapts accordingly. You install AddSearch the same way whether your site is responsive or mobile/desktop specific.

AddSearch is free for sites up to 100 pages, with limited features. If you’ve got a website larger than that, or want to take advantage of our Google Analytics integration and other advanced features, paid plans are available starting at $29/month; see complete pricing information. And if your site has over 100,000 pages, please contact us for pricing information; we can handle sites of any size, and with any level of traffic.

We’re constantly developing the WordPress plugin, and are also looking to add direct AddSearch support to other web platforms. If you want to suggest new features or platforms, or if you run into any issues using our WordPress plugin, feel free to drop us a line via email, Twitter or Facebook – all feedback is highly appreciated!