You can install AddSearch in multiple customizable ways to match your personal preferences and your website’s look&feel.

Widget view

Widget view is what you can try on the top right corner of this page. Search results open instantly and visually above the page allowing lightning fast user-experience. The widget is perfect for implementing a predictive search with the search-as-you-type user experience.

Picture of AddSearch Widget view.

Separate results page

If you prefer more traditional approach, our results page is for you. Search results open on a separate page and results pages can be navigated with convenient paging. Try out our separate results page demo to see more or follow installation instructions to set it up.

Picture of AddSearch Separate Results Page view.

Search API and Search UI Library

You can create a customized search results view or integrate AddSearch into a mobile app with our RESTful search API. Please visit our API reference to learn more.

In addition to the search API, AddSearch provides you with a versatile and easy to implement AddSearch Search UI Library. For information on implementing the Search UI Library, please visit npmjs or GitHub.