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The Indexing API allows for retrieving documents, creating documents, updating single documents and batches of documents, as well as deleting single documents and batches of documents

All the Indexing API endpoints require authentication. Visit our documentation about authentication for more information. Also see our article on getting started with the indexing API here.

Note! An API-based index is required to use the Indexing API. You can select the type of your index when creating a new account. Contact support to switch the base of existing index.

Standard fields

Both standard fields and custom fields can be used with the Indexing API. Standard fields correspond with the basic HTML structure of a page. AddSearch has built-in support for creating highlights from the main_content field.

idDocument's idstringDocument identifier, e.g. "1234" added as parameter in the request. If the id value is not set, it will be set as URL encoded with md5 hash.

Document id must be 32 characters long or less
urlDocument's URLstringE.g. "https://www.example.com"
languageDocument's languagestringTwo-letter language format, e.g. “en”, “de”, “es”.
titleDocument's titlestringThe document's title as defined in the HTML title tag.
main_contentDocument's contentstringThe text content of the page.
doc_dateDocument's datestringSupported formats are date: "2023-12-31", date and time: "2023-12-31T12:10:30Z" and epoch: "1704004677000".

Custom fields

Custom fields can be employed for additional data like categories, prices and images.
The maximum length of the custom field name is 256 characters. Please note that custom fields’ names may contain only the following characters:

The supported data types for the custom fields are:

  • text
  • integer
  • double

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