API Reference

Follow these guidelines to make requests to the REST API.

Base URL

All API URLs start with the following base URL:


You can limit the pool of used API endpoint servers to a specific region by using region specific subdomains.

API endpoint base URL for servers within the EU region:


API endpoint base URL for servers within the US region:


Note: Region specific endpoints only support Suggestions, Search and Analytics APIs. For Indexing and Crawl APIs you need to use the https://api.addsearch.com domain.

You have access to the REST API over HTTPS. All calls to HTTP return 405 Method Not Allowed.


API endpoints consume and produce JSON:


Calls with JSON payload must include Content-Type header which you can add with curl using the following switch:

curl -H 'Content-Type:application/json' https://api...

Date Format

AddSearch REST API uses ISO-8601 standard as the date format. Example of an accepted timestamp is:


Read more about ISO-8601 from w3.org.

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