API Reference

POST /v2/indices/{index public key}/recommendations-datasets/{dataset name}/events:batch

Send data to index about items viewed together.

Public keyThe public site keystringA site key is an identifier of your AddSearch account that can be found in the dashboard
Dataset nameThe name of the datasetstringDataset name is a name chosen to represent the type of data being sent, e.g. "shopping-cart".

Example payload

  "events": [
    { "transaction": "tx1", "item": "DKO-PROF1", "time": "2022-02-26" },
    { "transaction": "tx1", "item": "HEP-91331", "time": "2022-02-26" },
    { "transaction": "tx1", "item": "BCO-2208", "time": "2022-02-26" },
    { "transaction": "tx2", "item": "HEP-91331", "time": "2022-02-26" },
    { "transaction": "tx2", "item": "BCO-2208", "time": "2022-02-26" }
transactionUnique id for the group where the item appearsstringE.g. an unique identifier for the shopping cart where the item was added to.
itemItem's idstringE.g. product id.
timeDate of the eventstringISO 8601 date time string. E.g. "2023-12-31", and "2023-12-31T12:30−02:00"

Example Response

Successful request returns HTTP/1.1 200 OK.

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