API Reference

GET /v1/indices/{index public key}/documents/{doc id}

Retrieve the status of a document from the index.

Notes: Doc id is the MD5 hash of a full URL with protocol and possible query parameters. For example the doc id of https://www.addsearch.com/ is 3b1d053e2fdf65f178dc5d1b5bd00f75

Example Response

  "indexPublicKey": "index public key",
  "docId": "md5 of url",
  "statusInfo": "Duplicate of another-doc-id",
  "lastFetched": "2015-01-13T13:43:01.000Z",
  "duplicateOf": {
    "href": "https://api.addsearch.com/v1/indices/{index public key}/documents/{doc id}"
  "content": {
    "href": "https://api.addsearch.com/v1/indices/{index public key}/documents/{doc id}/content"
indexPublicKeyThe public site keystring
docIdDocument's idstringURL encoded as md5 hash.
statusDocument's statusstringPossible values are “INDEXED”, “EXCLUDED”, “PENDING”, “ERROR”, “UNKNOWN”.
statusInfoDocument's status info explained in detailstring
lastFetchedThe time when the document was last updatedstringThe format is YYYY-MM-DDT00:00 00.000Z (example: 2015-01-13T13:43:01.000Z).

Null if missing.
duplicateOfThe URL of indexed document with the same contentstringNull if missing.
contentDocument's contentstringNull if missing.

Please note that the Document Status API endpoint requires authentication. See authentication for more information.

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