API Reference

GET /indices/{index public key}/documents/{doc id}

Retrieve the status of a document from the index.

Notes: Doc id is the MD5 hash of a full URL with protocol and possible query parameters. For example the doc id of https://www.addsearch.com/ is 3b1d053e2fdf65f178dc5d1b5bd00f75

Example Response

  "indexPublicKey": "index public key",
  "docId": "md5 of url",
  "statusInfo": "Duplicate of another-doc-id",
  "lastFetched": "2015-01-13T13:43:01.000Z",
  "duplicateOf": {
    "href": "https://api.addsearch.com/v1/indices/{index public key}/documents/{doc id}"
  "content": {
    "href": "https://api.addsearch.com/v1/indices/{index public key}/documents/{doc id}/content"

Please note that the Document Status API endpoint requires authentication. See authentication for more information.

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