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At, we usually have over 5,000 real estate listings and homes for sale. AddSearch helps our customers find exactly the home they are looking for.
Plus it was very easy to install!
Mindy & Steve Palmer has more than 1500 pages with legal information and listing of laywers. Adding AddSearch has helped my customers find faster and easier what they need. And they offer great support too! We would recommend AddSearch to anyone.
J. Kirby Inwood
President / CanLaw Inc.
AddSearch was extremely easy to install, and provided the flexibility for me to implement their search tools in a way that gracefully complemented my website's UI design motifs.
Thanks guys, you rock!
Joshua Creed Gilmer
Founder / Huebris
The AddSearch dashboard is a great tool to manage search results by increasing or decreasing the importance of pages. Next to that it gave us valuable insights on what our visitors are searching for.
Maurice Groenhart
Product Director / Layar

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AddSearch is instant: you get search results right after you type the first letter.Read more
AddSearch works on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets and desktops.Read more
You can choose which results are important, and prioritize some site areas over others. Read more
Add instant search to your website in minutes, by copying just one line of code.Read more
It’s important to know what your users are searching for. With AddSearch, you will know that, and more.Read more
Include your Twitter feeds into your search results, in real time.Read more
“AddSearch’s offering lives up to the speed promise, with search results appearing in real-time, as you type.”
TechCrunchRead full review
“Website owners can take control which pages and keywords are most important in search results, allowing business-critical pages to actually pop up in the results.”
ArcticStartupRead full review

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