Empower Your Cross-Selling Strategy with Machine Learning!

Empower Your Cross-Selling Strategy with Machine Learning!

Supercharge your sales with our ‘Frequently Bought Together’ (FBT) feature. Our smart technology utilizes your pre-existing data to pinpoint products that customers frequently bundle together,  helping you effortlessly increase your average order value (AOV) per sale. It’s about working smarter, not harder – let our AI lead the way.

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Analyze Big Data

Gain knowledge of the basket composition in different geographical or customer profile scenarios. Discover the interaction between products when they are bought together in one shopping trip. Uncover the meaningful correlations between different entities according to their co-occurrence in a data set.

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Seamless data upload

Data upload

Upload shopping cart data without the need for complex API integration. Enjoy a hassle-free onboarding process.

Intuitive dashboard

Dashboard 1

Experience an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that allows you to manage and monitor your FBT settings easily.

Responsive and reliable support

support blank

Our implementation manager and support team make integration and maintenance a breeze. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

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35% of Amazon’s revenue is generated by FBT promotions

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Passive product exploration

Customers often stick to familiar products, missing out on potential items of interest

Stunted revenue growth new

Stunted revenue growth

Low average order value can limit revenue growth, even when visitor traffic and conversion rates are high


slow moving

Unoptimized inventory turnover

Slower-moving items can remain in stock for too long, tying up resources.


Create Halo Effect

Discover the interaction between products when they are bought together in one shopping trip.Determine if the purchase of one product positively correlates with the purchase of other products. Present the product combinations which are contributing to HALO effects for the retailer as widgets on your website.

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frequently bought together halo copy

shopping made easy

Shopping made simple

The FBT feature encourages exploration by suggesting related items, helping customers discover new products they might love.

aovElevate your AOVBy encouraging customers to buy additional, related items, the FBT feature can boost your average order value. It’s not just about more transactions-its about making every transaction count.

new sales

Turn over new sales

The FBT feature can pair slower-moving items with popular ones, improving their visibility and sale chances.

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