Use Promotions to drive traffic to the most important pages

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Would you like to take advantage of your search to drive traffic to the most important pages of your website?

Unlike search results, Promotions are elements that you can create using the editor in your dashboard. The promotional banners that you create, are always shown first before the search results.

The advantage of Promotions is that it will appear first in the search results regardless of the keyword. You can also associate Promotions to specific keywords. In these cases, Promotions will be shown first when your visitor uses a certain keyword.

Each promotion is customizable. You can create a promotion with custom content and look & feel of your choice. This allows you to design a promotion that will stand out from the search results.

Use cases

You can use Promotions to drive traffic to the pages that are most important to your business or other goals. If you have a flash sale, you can create a promotion which has a link to your landing page.

Also, if you have a topical event or an announcement, you can create a promotion with short info which will direct your visitor to the page where the information is.

The city collects Christmas trees

  • A city provides a service to collect Christmas trees after Christmas.
  • Promotion for a page that will give the necessary information on how to use the collection service.

Black Friday sales on a Mobile phone shop

  • Mobile phone shop has a Black Friday sale for specific phone models
  • Promotion for a landing page where the phones are on display for a week before the sales start

Announcement from a soccer team to collect gear after season

  • The season is over and some players have left some of their gear (towels, shirts, balls) at the club.
  • Promotion for a page that reminds that players should collect their gear and


Promotions always appear first amongst the search results. This way they make it more likely that your visitors will end up on the page that is crucial to your goals.

As you can design the promotion yourself, you can make sure that the promotion aligns with your brand and stands out from the search results.

Promotions are an essential tool when you have topical events such as is the case with the Christmas trees as well as the flash sales.

Visit our documentation for information to set up the Promotions feature.

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