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Customer story

Barracuda Networks

“We implemented AddSearch on our site when our existing Google site search was discontinued. We were looking for a solution that could provide the same or better search results, was multilingual and could be integrated with the look and feel of our site.

From the beginning of the implementation, it was a pleasure working with AddSearch. Following a meeting with their team, our search page was up in no time. During the QA process, we found a number of inconsistencies in our own website as AddSearch was instrumental in finding redundant and recursive page links.

Their post-implementation support is great. They are quick to respond to our requests and offer quick and lasting solutions. I might add that very little post-implementation support is needed with AddSearch

The user experience of our website has improved greatly since we implemented AddSearch. It is my pleasure to recommend them for any website needing a search feature.”

-Lionel Vary, Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Networks

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Damien Abbott
Damien Abbott Website Manager / UK Supreme Court
Since July 2017, AddSearch has provided us with two separate search engines, for both the UK Supreme Court and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council websites. We have found the product to be effective, easy to use, and good value for money. As a client, the technical support they provide is excellent. Their expert advisors have great product knowledge, respond to questions promptly, and provide good overall customer service.
Mikko Vaadin.com
After Google decided to remove their site search support, we trialed a bunch of different search providers and finally chose AddSearch that provided the best functionality and support. We used their REST-API. The automatic categorization via the path is a nice feature as is the search demo and configuration via their dashboard. Support was super responsive and we got a lot of help easily. The only significant feature we miss with AddSearch is support for Polymer pages so that we would not need to pre-render content.
Christian B. Marks
Christian B. Marks Developer / MagicBus.com
When we began searching for a Google CSE replacement and found most solutions to be overly complicated and significantly more expensive than what our clients needed. We needed a site search utility for small to medium sites that was affordable but could easily scale when needed. AddSearch kept coming back as the best solution. We were able to implement AddSearch rapidly plus had the ability to search within PDF’s which was not available even in more expensive solutions. The service and support have proven to be above average and made it easy to work across time zones.
Customer story

Harper Adams University

Harper Adams University made massive changes to their website and needed a new search solution as an alternative to the Google site-search they had before.

A business-critical function that required a fast solution and great support.

HAU compared several similar services, but decided that AddSearch was the easiest one to implement. “We wanted an easy to implement, advert free solution, and needed it quickly”, says Tom. Search function is the most frequently used function on HAU’s website, as people rely on it to find information on the website quickly. “Most of our users were accustomed to the search function on our old website”, Tom says. So the search function was extremely important for the university and they needed to ensure that it worked perfectly, after the website was relaunched. The AddSearch service was easy and quick to implement, and Tom received fast replies from the customer support. “AddSearch support has been amazing – quick to respond, and very helpful answers to my questions!”. Tom has been more than satisfied with the solution for HAU’s website. “Yes, I would recommend this product to others!” AddSearch met all the requirements and the university has been happily using the service since.

Web Developer Tom Klages from Harper Adams University (HAU) talks about his experience with AddSearch.

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