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At AddSearch, we are serious about providing great customer service and answering all inquiries as quickly and thoroughly as possible. For this, it doesn’t matter whether you have subscribed to our Essentials or Premium plan – and we’re quite proud of that!
Of course, we offer our higher-level clients further services. In addition to priority support and SLAs, we also actively help to design and implement the ideal site search. And that’s what we’d like to tell you about in this blog post. Let’s see how you can benefit from our AddSearch Premium and Enterprise plans when it comes to building the ideal search from idea to launch.

AddSearch tip:

In this blog post, we’ll focus on how our search experts help you achieve your goal of building a great search experience. Would you like to get an in-depth look at all the steps necessary to create a great site search? Then make sure you check out our blog post on the topic here.

Phase 1: Ideate, plan, and set goals

As with any other digital project, you want to start with a proper planning phase that will provide a solid foundation for all of your future work on the project. We encourage you and your team to take the time during this phase to research and analyze user behavior, plan and set goals for your site search. Doing so will help you save valuable time later in the implementation phase and help determine the result’s success with your users.

What you and your team do in this phase:

  • plan and develop your website search vision
  • identify issues with the current solution
  • analyze user behavior by reviewing the website’s analytics data
  • see what types of content and how much content your website offers to get an idea of the needed search capabilities
  • define measurable goals that you want to achieve with the help of site search

How we can help our AddSearch Premium and Enterprise users:

Typically, you know your users and visitors best. You also understand what your company needs and what goals you want to achieve with the help of search. So instead of taking on a more active role, in most cases, we will act as your consultants and share our knowledge and experience in implementing site searches:

  • help understand your users and their search-related goals
  • propose ideas and goals that fit your company and your users
  • validate your ideas and work with you to fine-tune them
  • assess whether your goals are realistic and achievable

Phase 2: Define search features and create wireframes

This phase is all about using your insights from the previous step to define the functionality and the skeletal framework (wireframes) of your future search. Again, take your time, as wireframing is an excellent opportunity to experiment and test your search’s user experience before investing in a single line of code. Finally, you also need to ensure that all searchable data can get into the search index, either via the automatic web crawler or by using the Indexing API.

What you and your team do in this phase:

  • tell our experts about your ideas, goals, and other insights that you collected and worked out in the first phase
  • provide feedback on the wireframes we created and the features defined to get a site search that perfectly meets your expectations
  • optimize the structure and content of your website to make it fit for indexing

How our search experts help you:

Now that you’ve laid the foundations in the previous phase, it’s our turn to shine and transform your idea into a user-friendly site search. Here are some of our main tasks in this phase:

  • go through your ideas and plans, create the first wireframes and define the search capabilities based on your data
  • create in-depth wireframes to describe how search works and how it responds to user input. For example, what happens when you click the Search button? What do search suggestions look like?
  • take a mobile-first approach to achieve the best possible user experience by designing search functionality for mobile devices first

Here you can see how our wireframes look like:

AddSearch wireframe example

We also check whether our automated web crawler can access and collect all the data needed for your site search to work correctly. If this is not possible, we’ll help you set up the search index via an alternative route:

  1. Suppose you’re using standard software such as WordPress or Magento. In that case, we can utilize our ready-made connectors to couple the search index directly to your system.
  2. Lastly, we can take the manual route by showing your developers how to use our Indexing API to push content into the search index.

Phase 3: Build the UI and tweak search results

Now it’s time to take the wireframes and code the search UI accordingly. We always implement a standalone demo version without applying styles to test it thoroughly and distraction-free. This is also a great way to make sure that all search features are working as intended and you’re getting the right results.

What you and your team do in this phase:

  • test the search and see if you get the correct search results
  • start using the AddSearch dashboard to streamline search and result management:
  • adjust rankings of sections and pages
  • pin pages at a specific position in the results
  • promote an event or special offer
  • add synonyms to prevent zero-result pages

What we can do for you during this stage:

  • transform the wireframes and defined features into a working prototype using our Search UI library:
    Search UI library demo page
  • adapt the user interface based on your feedback and test results
  • make UI improvements to ensure an excellent customer experience
  • introduce you to the AddSearch dashboard and show how to manage and optimize the search
  • guide and advise you on all questions related to optimizing search results by providing best practices and recommendations

Phase 4: Integrate site search into your website

After ensuring that the user interface and search logic are working as expected, you can incorporate the site search into your website. This usually marks the end of the search implementation project for us. However, we are still there for you if you have any questions or need our support to later revise the search.

What you and your team do in this phase:

  • take the prototype and integrate it into the structure of your website
  • use CSS to style the search interface to match the branding colors, fonts, button shapes, etc. of your website
  • set up workflows to regularly measure the success of your site search

What you can expect from us:

  • provide you with an installation package that includes everything you need to integrate the search into your website
  • assist you with questions and help you troubleshoot any search-related issues

Other benefits you get to enjoy as an AddSearch Premium or Enterprise customer

Even after successfully developing your own site search with AddSearch, you will continue to benefit significantly from a Premium or Enterprise subscription. Here are the most important extras for you:

Leverage our premium support and SLAs. Do you have problems with your search, or do you have any questions? Contact us using the support form or live chat on our website. We will get back to you as soon as possible and resolve any issues quickly.

Get high-level customization options. If you’re an Enterprise user, we ensure that our products and services are tailored to your specific requirements. Regardless of whether you want our crawler to visit your website several times a day or whether you need user management, we’ve got you covered.

Stay on the safe side of sensitive data protection regulations. We ensure that AddSearch and all our services and products comply with data protection regulations such as the GDPR. As a result, you don’t need to worry about the topic when using our services.

Be the first who gets to enjoy new features. We are continually working to improve our services and tools. As a Premium or Enterprise user, you always receive our latest updates first. If you have a great idea for a new feature or require something bespoke, we have an open ear for that too.

Benefit from our agency partner program. As a web agency, you’ve built enough websites to realize the value of good site search. But why reinvent the wheel for every new project? With our exclusive agency partner program, you can save time and costs and get active support for all your projects. Additionally, you get a 20% revenue share for every customer you bring in!

Wrapping up

Our ultimate goal is to make your users and customers happy regardless of your AddSearch subscription. However, if you need assistance planning, designing, building, and integrating the ideal site search into your website, choose our AddSearch Premium or Enterprise plan. Here are the main features:

Premium & EnterpriseOnly for Enterprise
- manage your search results
- support search in 30+ languages
- free use of our Search API and UI Library
- get quick support via email and live chat
- integrate synonyms and autocomplete functionality
- integrate Google Analytics
- index and search PDF, DOC, and PPT files
- let our search experts support you in building your unique Search UI
- SLA & Priority Support
- define custom commercial terms
- work with multiple search indices
- benefit from our fully customizable service

We’d love to help you figure out which plan works best for you. Book a demo with one of our search experts and learn more about building your site search with us. We look forward to co-creating great user experiences for you and your users!

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