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At AddSearch, we’re always looking for fresh perspectives on our work, so knowing that Star Wars Day was coming up (May the Force be with you!), we asked our team to share why they think the Force is with AddSearch.

Search is like a (hyperspace) wormhole.Murat “LightSaber” Yamak

This was the phrase that launched a million starships for us and inspired this post, so if you chat with Murat, be sure to ask him why. A hyperspace wormhole  (not to be confused with hyperspace travel) can act as a shortcut through space. While Palpatine used the dark side of the force to make that happen, we promise that with site search, it’s all good! Site search helps your users get to their destination and find the content they want faster than traditional navigation – especially if you have a whole universe of information on your site for them to explore. 

image shows representation of droids in honor of star wars day

Our droids have you covered Mikko “Wookie” Karaiste

Our language detection has all the sophistication of C3PO or any other protocol droid, minus all the attitude, and your webservers have likely met AddSearchBot who comes over to index all your content.

AddSearch always knows if these are the droids you are looking for Max “Millennium Falcon” Pupkov

Getting the right answers is such an important part of user experience. If you let the droids that your visitors are looking for escape, your customers may just go over to the dark side!

Get to Hyperspace with AddSearchMurat “LightSaber” Yamak

In a hyper-connected world, it’s all about speed. The last thing you want to be doing is hanging around the dock when you could already be doing the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. 

Site search may not be able to get you to a galaxy far, far away, but it will bring together all the information across all your sites at lightning-fast speeds with federated search. The Trade Federation just wishes it could get news that fast! Thank you, your customers will.

image shows a representation of the millennium falcon in honor of star wars day

DIY can be dangerousmost of the team

The consensus from our combined experience seems to be that building your own site search, or not having it can lead to the Dark Side. See for yourself: 

“Building your own search could be compared to building the Death Star: very long and complicated and you will always find something like a small hole that will blow everything up. So use a SaaS solution like AddSearch!” – Artem “Ant Droid” Chistiakov

image shows a drawing representing a star wars character in honor of star wars day

“DIY site search is a TRAP” – Max “Millennium Falcon” Pupkov

“Once you start down the D.I.Y, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you, it will.” – Imran “Never tell me the odds” Osman

“Lack of site search leads to fear, fear leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” – Markus “Obi-Wan” Eastwood

Embrace the Power! Unlimited Power!

Is your site search being a phantom menace? We’re here to give your website a new hope!

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