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Website search platform AddSearch unveiled today its new personalization feature. Visitors of websites that are powered by AddSearch’s search engine can now enjoy more accurate and personalized search results.

“This new feature can be a game changer for websites. Personalized search results are more accurate, allowing users to find the information they need immediately. Speed and accuracy contribute to an overall better experience for users. But aside from these, personalized results can also be beneficial for businesses. Website owners typically enjoy better conversion rates if they have more satisfied users,” AddSearch CEO Antti Ala-Ilkka said.

Through personalization, users will be able to see search results based on their preferences and browsing histories. For example, if a site visitor who is known to be a meat lover searches for “pasta recipe,” the search results could immediately return details for Bolognese.

The platform takes into consideration factors such as browsing behavior, account settings, and past purchases to narrow down the potential search results to specific pages that best fit the visitor’s preferences. E-commerce sites, for instance, can greatly benefit from such capabilities since the search results could readily point to products and services that the visitor will most likely buy.

AddSearch can also provide site owners with guidance on how to create rule sets for personalization cases, ensuring that the experience would truly satisfy each user’s needs.

Companies like Amazon and Netflix serve as prime examples of how personalized search can boost sales and guarantee repeat business. AddSearch can help websites easily apply a similar experience for their own visitors.

AddSearch’s site search solution is used across various industries including manufacturing, software development, and even governments. Global brands like Yamaha, BitNami, Toyota, and the City of Sydney are all using AddSearch for their respective websites. Educational institutions like Harper Adams University and Robert Gordon University are also using the platform to help them deliver quick and accurate search results.

AddSearch is made available through the cloud. Site owners can avail of the service through various subscription tiers. The lowest tier, which is ideal for lower traffic sites and small organizations, can be acquired for just $25 a month. Larger enterprises, whose sites deal with large volumes of visitors, can avail of custom pricing. The company also offers discounts for non-profit and educational institutions.

“Awesome technologies like personalized search shouldn’t be restricted to large applications and their users. There’s no reason for visitors of other websites not to enjoy similar satisfying search experiences. We hope that our addition of personalization to our search platform will ultimately result in better browsing experience for all,” Ala-Ilkka shared.

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