Fresh from the oven: Search API

We extended our REST API with a Search endpoint. This new endpoint makes it possible to create custom user interfaces on top of our lightning fast site search. With the REST API you are able to create unique result pages, queries for related content, search functionality for mobile apps and more.

Feel free to explore our documentation and as always, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for additional features.

New Feature: Full re-crawl, or “reset the index”.


One of the most frequently received requests that we receive on our support channels is the request to perform a full recrawl of a customer’s site, or to “reset the index”, as some users also call it. After making large changes on your site (e.g. changing the domain name, changing the paths of the pages, etc) the search index might contain out-of-date content while our crawler catches up. In order to speed up this process, you can now manually request a recrawl for all of your pages. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your AddSearch account, and go to Settings.
  2. Underneath the second paragraph, click “Full Recrawl”. Done!

Please note: the recrawl will be initiated immediately, but depending on the size of your website, it can take a few minutes up to a few hours before the entire website is indexed. Also, the full recrawl create a heavy load on our system. Therefore, you can only perform a full recrawl once a week. After requesting one, our system will show you when you can request it again. If for some reason, you would require a full recrawl sooner, please contact our support at

New Feature: PDF indexing

We are very happy to announce the release of a new feature: PDF Support, meaning that we can now also crawl and index your PDF documents. This was one of the most requested features, and offers obvious benefits to anyone who hosts multiple PDF documents on their site, such as installation manuals, technical support documents, product specifications etc.

Here is an example of how it looks:

PDF document search in action.

Sounds great, how do I get it?

PDF Support is part of the Plus Pack. So if you have a subscription with a Plus pack, it is now automatically made available. You can find it, if you login to AddSearch in the “Settings”:


You only need to enable it. Please note: each PDF document counts as a separate page towards your plan’s page quota. Enabling this feature might cause you to exceed your quota. After enabling, it might a few hours before all of your PDF documents are properly indexed, and screenshots have been made etc. You can manually add a document quickly by going to “Settings” > “Content Recrawl”, and simply add the whole path there.

If it is not available to you, and you would like to have it, simply order the Plus Pack. If your are on an old plan, contact us to upgrade your plan.

New Feature: Earn Free Bonus Pages by telling your friends.


Are you happy with your AddSearch experience? Why not give you friends the same opportunity and earn some bonus pages while you are at it?  Or are you simply at the top of your current AddSearch plan?
Tell your Friends about AddSearch, follow us on Facebook & Twitter and we will give you up to 200 extra pages for free!

We have just released a new feature in the Admin Panel of your AddSearch account, that makes that possible. Here’s how it works:

1. Log in to your AddSearch account.

2. Click on “Earn Bonus Pages”, at the bottom of of the navigation menu on your left.

3. Follow the steps: like and follow us, tweet about @addsearch and e-mail some friends. That’s all!

Not just bonus pages!

By following us on Facebook and Twitter, you will also be the first to hear about new features, interesting news on site search and online business and the latest on AddSearch! So, if you are happy with AddSearch, or in need of some extra pages, go earn some bonus pages!

AddSearch to pitch on the LeWeb Startup Tour in Stockholm!

We are really happy to announce that we have been selected as one of Sweden’s eight hottest startups (even though we are from Finland:))! As a result, we have been invited to pitch at the LeWeb Startup Competition in Stockholm, which will take place on September 30th.

The top pitches will be in the fast-lane to join the Startup Competition finals at LeWeb’14 in Paris on December 9-11. LeWeb is (one of) the largest international conference for digital innovation, and is visited by thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, journalists and other tech enthusiasts. It would provide a great opportunity to create a name for AddSearch and meet a lot of interesting people and potential new users, so we really hope for the best!

If you happen to be in Stockholm, you can RSVP here. It will take place at the SUP46 meeting and co-working space at Regeringsgatan 29. The event starts at 5:00 PM and will close at 10:00.

Our CTO Antti Ala-Ilkka will speak at Reaktor Dev Day

We are very proud to announce that our CTO and founder Antti Ala-Ilkka will be one of the speakers at the Reaktor Dev Day, which will take place in Helsinki on the 26th of September 2014, at the Telakka Event Center.

Reaktor Dev Day is “a conference for developers by developers. It brings together the programming scene and its hottest speakers in a laid-back and friendly environment.” Antti will share his views on why speed matters on today’s web, and illustrate his ideas with some evidence from his practical experience, including the architecture of AddSearch. Here’s the short summary:

Warp speed! Why load times matter and how we are taking optimization one step further

Why does speed matter on today’s web? In this session, you will learn the answer through a number of real use cases. See how AddSearch manages to accomplish this and deliver a lightning fast search experience on any website. Our methods include geographically distributed server architecture, comprehensive caching logic and a variety of frontend hacks.

Get Instant Search for your WordPress Site – In Minutes!

AddSearch is an instant search for any website, and it works on all websites regardless of how the site is built. It’s fully mobile, and support desktops, tablets and phones. For the site owner, AddSearch offers full control of the search results, and extensive analytics. AddSearch is also very easy to install, and requires copying just one line of JavaScript code to any site; there’s nothing else to do.

Now if you’re a WordPress user, it’s even easier to get instant search for your site. You don’t need to copy even that one line of code. Instead you can simply install the new AddSearch WordPress plugin, and we do the rest: there’s no maintenance or hassle.

First, sign up for AddSearch on our home page. We’ll create a demo of your search in minutes, and you can see what AddSearch would look like on your site. After you’ve created the demo, follow these easy instructions to install the WordPress plugin.

AddSearch is hosted in high availability hosting centers around the world. We detect where your users are, and serve the search results automatically from the nearest location. Our service scales to high traffic levels and very large amounts of content without any effort from your part. AddSearch is also fully mobile; the user interface detects the user’s device automatically, and adapts accordingly. You install AddSearch the same way whether your site is responsive or mobile/desktop specific.

AddSearch is free for sites up to 100 pages, with limited features. If you’ve got a website larger than that, or want to take advantage of our Google Analytics integration and other advanced features, paid plans are available starting at $9/month; see complete pricing information. And if your site has over 100,000 pages, please contact us for pricing information; we can handle sites of any size, and with any levels of traffic.

We’re constantly developing the WordPress plugin, and are also looking to add direct AddSearch support to other web platforms. If you want to suggest new features or platforms, or if you run into any issues using our WordPress plugin, feel free to drop us a line via email, Twitter or Facebook – all feedback is highly appreciated!

AddSearch Pitching in SXSW Accelerator Competition Finals!

AS_Blog_Illustrations_SXSW-940x198What makes us especially happy is that out of the thousands of companies who applied to the SXSW Accelerator, only eight companies in each of the six categories were accepted. We understand the competition has been extremely tough, especially in the Big Data & Enterprise category where AddSearch competes. Also, as a Finnish company we’re proud to be the only company representing our oh so cold, yet so beautiful homeland in the competition :).

For those of you just getting to know AddSearch, our product is an instant search for websites. Searching on any website is typically a terrible experience: the searches are slow and cumbersome. AddSearch is a search for any website that gives you accurate results instantly: type one letter, and the results appear instantly. Our search works on any device, including desktops, tablets and phones, and gives the site owner full control over the search results. AddSearch is also very easy to install on any website: it only takes minutes, and there’s zero hassle or maintenance.

AddSearch has been in development for over two years. We launched the product last November at the Slush event in Helsinki, after which masses of companies from small businesses to large corporations have used AddSearch to improve their site searches. You can read more about AddSearch in TechCrunch, or check out out presentation video and the successful Slush pitch below.

Try out AddSearch for your own website, creating the search takes only minutes. AddSearch is free for small sites, for larger ones prices start at $9/month. After testing tell us what you think via email, Twitter or Facebook – all feedback is highly appreciated!

AddSearch presentation video:

AddSearch pitching in Slush in November 2013:

(Note the AddSearch-branded pocket square 😉

More information on the SXSW Accelerator competition, sponsored by Oracle and RackSpace:

6 Reasons Why Searching Sucks – And How To Implement A Better Site Search

The Problem with Search

So when we say that searching on any website is a frustrating experience, why is that exactly? (And note that we’re talking searches on individual websites, not searching the web as a whole.)

1. It’s slow

AS_Blog_Illustrations_1This is what happens when you search on any given website: you type a keyword, press Return and then wait. And wait. And when you get the results, they might not be the right results. So you retype the search, wait again. And wait. And you get the picture.

Instant searching has been available in web search engines for years, but in site searches it’s nowhere to be found. Instead we’re stuck with waiting for the results. And waiting. And waiting.

2. It’s ugly

AS_Blog_Illustrations_2Google came up with the ten blue search result links in 1998. After that, search interfaces haven’t really progressed anywhere. While the rest of the web is developing into a beautiful butterfly, search is still safely cocooned within the blue links. The upshot? Searches are ugly.

3. There’s no mobile support

AS_Blog_Illustrations_3Most site searches are remnants of the desktop age, a glorious time (or not) when all websites were designed to be 980 pixels wide. There was no worry about mobile devices, because none existed.

These days things are different, and mobile usage is skyrocketing. For example, it’s estimated that tablets will surpass desktop PC’s in 2014. If your search isn’t mobile, you’re not serving a major and growing portion of your audience.

4. There’s no control over the results.

AS_Blog_Illustrations_4For the owner of the website, it’s important that the right results appear in searches. You might have product pages, a support area and a discussion forum. It’s obvious that for most cases the product pages should be most important, followed by the support pages, and lastly the forum. But site searches don’t work that way.

Incredibly enough, most of the leading site search solutions don’t offer any control over the search results. Your results are a mishmash from the different areas of your site. And you’re helpless to control it.

5. It’s expensive.

AS_Blog_Illustrations_5Implementing a good site search is very hard. To do that, you generally need a customized solutions. And as you can imagine, customized solutions cost a lot of money. It’s not only that the one-time implementation costs money – it’s the ongoing maintenance expenses. You need to finetune, tweak and host the search. And you’ll be paying for all of it.

6. It’s hard to install.

AS_Blog_Illustrations_6Finally, most site searches are quite complex to install. You need to integrate them into your site layout, edit the HTML templates, worry about the CSS codes. It’s a hassle, and something most people are not willing to do – it’s just too much work.


How AddSearch solves these issues

So at AddSearch, we’ve been working on a solution for this for over two years now. We’ve now released a site search product that solves all of the above issues. And we sincerely believe that AddSearch makes site search not suck.

1. It’s lightning fast

AS_Blog_Illustrations_7AddSearch is the only instant search available for websites. By instant, what we mean is that search results appear after one keypress. Immediately, without waiting. Simply put, it’s the fastest search around.

2. It’s beautiful

AS_Blog_Illustrations_8Forget the ten blue links. AddSearch has a beautifully visual interface that features images prominently. Forget about the ten blue links and browsing though search result pages; with AddSearch, you just scroll through the results list.

3. It’s mobile

AS_Blog_Illustrations_9As is to be expected these days, AddSearch is fully mobile. The search works on all devices, including desktops, tablets and phones. And the user interface adapts accordingly for each device. You don’t need to do anything to enable mobile search; instead everything just works out of the box.

4. You get full control over the results

AS_Blog_Illustrations_10With AddSearch, you get to decide which search results are important. You don’t need to input specific keywords, as that would be a big list to maintain. Instead you can just choose an area from your site, and decide how much weight to put on that area. It’s fast and convenient.

And to make it easy to decide which results are important, we also give you full statistics of what your users search for, and which keywords resulted in zero results. The statistics are available on as well as in Google Analytics, allowing you to view all of your site stats in one place.

5. It’s inexpensive, with a free version

AS_Blog_Illustrations_11You pay for AddSearch based on the amount of content on your site. For example, if you’ve got 1,000 pages you pay $9 per month. Every paying user gets to enjoy all of the premium features. See full pricing information.

AddSearch also has a free version for smaller sites, 100 pages and under, with a slightly limited feature set. So if you can live without multiple domain support and Google Analytics integration, feel free to go free!

6. It’s easy to install

AS_Blog_Illustrations_12Finally, you can install AddSearch in minutes. All it takes is copying over one line of code to your website. That’s it. There’s zero hassle, and no maintenance of any kind. And if for some reason you don’t like it, you can remove it as fast as you added it, making it 100% risk free.


Try it out

To try out AddSearch, sign up at and create a demo for your own website – it just takes a minute. You’ll see how the search works, and what kind of experience your users can expect.

If you have any questions about AddSearch, or our approach to search, feel free to shoot us an email at