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AddSearch Recommend Feature For Travel Websites

From unlocking hidden travel gems to curating unique activities, AddSearch’s travel recommendations transform ordinary vacations into unforgettable adventures.

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How AddSearch’s Travel Content Recommendation Works

The complexity of travel planning often leads many travel website visitors to just browse, not book. AddSearch Recommend solves this challenge by providing curated travel recommendations, helping undecided visitors narrow their choices, and giving them the confidence to secure their dream vacation.

How AddSearch’s Travel Content Recommendation Works

Convert Travel Browsers to Bookers with AddSearch Recommend

Our recommendation solution will craft memorable holidays tailor-made to your customers’ unique travel desires.

Boost Add-On Conversion Rates

Boost Add-On Conversion Rates

Suggest relevant travel products and services (flights, hotels, activities, etc.) based on visitors’ chosen or searched travel products, leading to higher average order value (AOV).

Convert Travel Browsers to Bookers with AddSearch Recommend

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Discover New Travel Destinations

Fuel your visitors’ wanderlust by showing them hidden gem destinations, hand-picked activities, and unique travel experiences they might not have found on their own.

Discover New Travel Destinations

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Fit For Every Budget

Showcase travel products similar to the one currently viewed by visitors, but at potentially lower prices, allowing them to find the perfect deal for their trip.

Fit For Every Budget

Power up Your Travel Website with Content Recommendations

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Reasons to Use AddSearch Site Solution

Enhance AddSearch Recommend with Site Search solutions and access a wider range of features and benefits.

Dynamic Re-Ranking

Tailor search results with dynamic re-ranking. Leverage granular control to adjust the weight of each content listing, catering to market or site trends as well as your business strategies.

dynamic re ranking

Accurate Site Search Analytics

Turn user intent into revenue-boosting strategies.
Leverage powerful analytics to translate search data (CTR, keyword performance, etc.) into actionable insights with just a few clicks.


Auto Synonyms

Search smarter, not harder. Our Auto Synonyms features handle typos, synonyms, and stemming, so visitors find what they’re looking for, no matter the spelling or phrasing.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about site search and our cloud-based solution.

By recommending relevant travel products, AddSearch empowers visitors to book unforgettable adventures and helps your travel business achieve a higher average order value (AOV).

For example, once customers book a flight and hotel for their Spanish trip, AddSearch Recommend suggests complementary experiences like flamenco shows, tapas tours, or museum tickets. This helps users enjoy a more comprehensive and fulfilling travel experience while increasing your revenue per user.

Yes, you can tailor the AddSearch design to match your brand style.

You can easily do it yourself using our cutting-edge Search UI library and API. Our team will gladly do the custom development for the Premium and Enterprise subscribers at no extra cost.

Explore our design templates here.

Some reasons why AddSearch is one of the best content recommendation solutions for travel websites are:

  • Curated travel planning: visitors receive recommendations tailored based on their booked travel products (e.g., add-on insurance or activity tickets) or trending travel destinations, making the planning process more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Increased conversion rates: tailored travel product recommendations (e.g., flights, hotels, and activities) help convert browsers into customers and increase your upselling and cross-selling rates.

Enhanced customer engagement: recommendations can keep users on the website for longer, exploring various options and discovering new travel possibilities they might not have initially considered.

“AddSearch has greatly improved the user experience of our website. AddSearch team is quick to respond to our requests and offer quick and lasting solutions.”
Lionel Vary, Project Manager
at Barracuda Networks