Revamp your search with professional search UI and implementation by the AddSearch team


AddSearch is easy to implement yourself, but with a little support from our team, you can make it shine!

Search UI and implementation service is available for Premium and Enterprise customers only. However, until the end of July 2024, we support limited number of customers with their search projects, no matter their AddSearch plan.

What will this include?

  • Kick-off session with our Implementation Manager, who will map your search requirements and needs.
  • Search UI created by the AddSearch team with one iteration.
  • Re-indexing your website.
  • Technical implementation of the search UI.
  • AddSearch dashboard training
  • Installation package with instructions for you to add the new site search on your website.

Price: $2,500 (one-time fee)

Want some more?

Do you want to get access to all the AI-powered search features and advanced ranking possibilities, additionally to the search UI design?

Upgrade to Premium plan for only $4,500 / year (list price $5,988 will take affect after the first year). By opting for this option, your price will be prorated, so the actual increase of the price will depend on your current plan.

Let’s get started by taking a short call with one of the AddSearch team members (no commitment yet, just going through your search and what we could do for you). Just pick a time from the calendar!

Here's how it works.

search implementation for addsearch customers