More power for your search for 40 % discount


As AddSearch keeps evolving, we want to support our customers on legacy plans to take advantage of all the new features and search functionalities.

Upgrade your legacy plan to the new Premium plan by the end of December 2023 for $299/month (with annual payment) for the first year (regular price is $499/month). This gives you a 40 % discount!

What will you get?

  • The plan includes 50,000 documents and 500,000 search queries per month
  • AI-based ranking tools to fine-tune the standard search algorithm and optimize the results based on the search activity
  • Search personalization allows you to create a customized search experience for your visitors based on their individual search behavior.
  • Utilize ChatGPT in your search (coming soon)
  • Search built by the AddSearch team, including custom search UI
  • Premium support
  • 365 days of analytics history
  • More users, promotions, domains


How to proceed?

Upgrade your plan on the dashboard by using campaign code get-premium-2023.  Alternatively, send us a message to get a product demo and discuss any questions about the plan and upgrade.

Our team will take it from there. We will

  • create the search UI
  • ensure all your content is indexed as it should
  • code the search for you
  • send you the code to be added to your website to install the new search
  • Configure the dashboard based on your use case
  • Train you and your team

Let’s talk!

Book a meeting with us directly from our calendar:

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