Creative uses for pinning your search results

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Now you can adjust the ranking of the site search results for certain keywords. You can use the analytics tool to find out the most searched terms and then rank the pages according to your preferences.

Let’s take a closer look at creative uses for pinning site search results with the Pinned Results.

Putting Pinned results into good use

We looked at how our customers have utilized the Pinned search result -feature. Our findings indicated that the methods of using the pinned results can be grouped as simple pinning and advanced pinning.

Simple pinning involves a search with the product family or a product and a pin to a single product or pins to an arrangement of products.

Advanced pinning involves a search using a central search term with pins to product or products and supportive information. This method allows the user to find the product as well as practical details associated with the product.

Pinned Results use cases

The most common use of the pinned results is to pin search results with the product or a family of products as the search term.

A bookstore that sells a series of course books

  • Search term: name of the book series
  • Pinned results: search results containing relevant books from the series

On many cases pinned results feature is used to pin search results with a central search term related to a product or service. In these cases, the search term is not the product. Instead, the search term bundles together support information with the product.

University providing a machine learning course

  • Search term: Machine learning
  • Pinned results: search results containing an overview of machine learning, course books on machine learning, course information including the schedule

A store that sells plants and accessories

  • Search term: greenfly
  • Pinned results: search results containing a blog article of how to spot the greenfly infestation and products that help to get rid of the greenfly infestation

A city that provides services to collect and recycle Christmas trees

  • Search term: Christmas tree
  • Pinned results: search results containing Christmas tree collection and Christmas tree recycling

In conclusion

How can you use the Pinned results? The most common way is to pin search results for a specific product. Perhaps a more creative way is to pin search results that link associated information to support the product. An example of this is a search result in a blog post describing a problem linked to a search result for the product that solves the problem.

Pinned results is also useful in cases when you need to find topical information. For example, a search with a Christmas tree after Christmas could include search results on recycling or collecting the Christmas tree.

Pinning search results is not only about showcasing your product in the search results. You can accompany your search with relevant search results to support your key product or services with Pinned results.

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