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GET /v2/indices/{index public key}/documents/{document id} Retrieve the content of a single document from the index. Response

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Indexing API Overview

The Indexing API allows for retrieving documents, creating documents, updating single documents and batches of documents, as well as deleting single documents and batches of …

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Indexing Status

The Indexing Status displays information on the index and crawling statuses. The Indexing Status displays the following information: Docs in index: the number of indexed …

Dashboard Indexing

Using Text Extraction Rules

AddSearch excludes elements from the index by default to make the search results more relevant. For instance, AddSearch excludes sidebars, headers, and footers that rarely …

Dashboard Indexing

Indexing Api

Please note that all the Indexing API endpoints require authentication as described here. GET DOCUMENT GET /v2/indices/{index public key}/documents/{document id} Retrieve the contents of a …

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Canonical Links

Canonical links are elements on your site that help to prevent duplicate content issues when variations of the same page exist. Canonical links identify the …


Usage Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to make requests to the REST API. Base URL All API URLs start with the following base URL: You have access …

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The AddSearch REST API uses HTTP Basic Auth as the authentication method. Use your SITEKEY as the username and your secret API key as the …

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Rate Limits

The rate limit for the Search API is 5 requests per second from a single IP address. There are no limits based on the total …

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