Getting Started with the Indexing API

This tutorial will guide you through the first steps of using the Indexing API. Here you will learn how to add a document in the …

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Analytics Dashboard

With the Analytics dashboard, you have access to tables and data visualizations of your users’ search queries and behaviors. Overview The Overview section of the …

Analytics Dashboard

Choosing the Search Index

When you have signed up for AddSearch, you have an account. The account links to a sample index you can use for checking out how …

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Get Search Results

Please note that this page has noindex, nofollow GET /v1/search/{index public key} Retrieve search results from the index. Required Query Parameter Optional Query Parameters Example …

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Index Meta Keywords

The index meta keywords feature offers the ability to include the contents of a page’s meta keywords tag in your AddSearch index. It is useful …


Authenticated Crawling

While AddSearch bots can easily crawl most sites, it may be that the content you’d like to crawl is behind a login. In such cases, …


Delete Batch of Documents

DELETE /v2/indices/{index public key}/documents:batch Remove multiple documents from the index. Payload The payload includes a list of document ids in an array. Response On successful …

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Delete Document

DELETE /v2/indices/{index public key}/documents/{document id} Remove a document from the index. Response On successful queuing of the delete operation, the endpoint returns an HTTP 202.

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Batch Update Documents

PUT /v2/indices/{index public key}/documents:batch Update a batch of documents or create new documents with predefined ids. Payload The request body should be a JSON object, …

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