Search Widget’s settings

You can adjust Search Widget’s functionality with a global JavaScript variable called “addsearch_settings”. The variable must be defined above the script tag loading AddSearch JavaScript snippet.

<!-- AddSearch settings -->
window.addsearch_settings = {
  default_sortby: 'date'

<!-- This script must be below addsearch_settings -->
<script src=""></script>


Currently addsearch_settings supports following settings:

relevance (default)
Default order of results
ga_tracking_idUA-xxxxxx-xGoogle Analytics tracking ID. Needed if Global site tag (gtag) in use
(e.g. "Search..")
Placeholder text to show in the search field
link_target_blank, _self, _top, _parentWindow or a frame where the clicked results link should open. E.g. _blank to open links in a new tab.
false (default)
Display the publishing date of search results instead of category
date_format_functionJavaScript functionCustom JavaScript function to format publishing dates in search results. The function is called with Date object as a parameter
directionrtl, ltrEnable right-to-left UI by setting the value to rtl
results_box_css_classnameString (custom CSS class)CSS class name added to #addsearch-results div. Practical for A/B testing and such
results_box_opening_directionleft, right, centerDefine if the results box opens to the left-hand or right-hand side below the search field. By default, the value is calculated automatically
allow_parent_form_submittrue, nullIf "true", pressing enter in a search input field inside a form element, submits the form

Available JavaScript functions

Change the order of search results

To change the sort of search results, call the following function:


An example of the implementation:

function changeSort(event, sort) {
  // Prevent Widget from closing
  (event || window.event).stopPropagation();

Sort by:
<button onclick="changeSort(event, 'relevance');">Relevance</button>
<button onclick="changeSort(event, 'date');">Date</button>