Date boost allows you to display the most recent content in your search results based on the publishing date of indexed pages. The publishing date for the indexed page is based on the metadata on the web page.

Date boost is useful on websites where the content is updated frequently. For instance a news site would benefit date boost, where the most recent topics should be displayed before the older news items.

Note! Date boost affects the ranking score of documents that are less than two weeks old; the more recent is the document the more the document is boosted. Documents that were published more than two weeks ago do not get any boost. If you want to order results by date, use Widget or Results page settings.


Date boost requires that your site is set up to tell AddSearch the publication time.

To set up Date boost on your Dashboard follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your AddSearch Account
  2. Go to Other setttings under Setup
  3. Scroll down to Date boost section at he bottom of the page
  4. Switch the setting to On

Picture of Date boost user interface in AddSearch Dashboard.