How does AddSearch detect the featured image for search results?

The featured image, also known as the thumbnail, for search results is the image displayed on the left side of the search results. It’s detected automatically, and typically most prominent and first image that’s near the main content area. The minimum size of the featured image is 140 x 140 pixels and image shape should be relatively square. One side of the image can’t be more than three times longer than the other.

Can I decide manually what the featured image is?

Yes. We support the Facebook Open Graph og:image meta tag, which you can use to specify the featured image in your site’s code. This is the same tag that determines the featured image displayed when someone shares that page to Facebook, and is widely used by websites. The og:image tag needs to be specified it in the HEAD section of your web page.

This feature is available for all paid plans, but it is switched off by default; to switch it on, simply go to Setup, Domains and Crawling in the AddSearch dashboard, and under Featured image switch the Og:image “On”. Remember to save. Recommended dimensions for featured images are 140 x 140 pixels or larger. This helps prevent quality loss when displayed as thumbnails.

By default, the image defined in the og:image tag, will be resized and cropped to fit 136 x 136 pixels. This might mean parts of the image to be cut off. If you would like to not crop the image but pad it instead, you can instruct our indexer with data-addsearch=”no_crop” attribute like so:

<meta property="og:image"