AddSearch with multiple domains

With one of our default features, multi-domain search, you can add subdomains ( and top-level domains ( to the same search index. Domains and subdomains can be managed in the AddSearch Dashboard.

  1. Login to your AddSearch account
  2. Go to Additional Domains under Setup
  3. Click on “Add new domain +”, and in the field, fill in the domain name without protocol (http) or trailing slash. Click Save, and you’re done
  4. Our crawlers will now start adding pages from this new domain to the index

Filter results by domain name

By default, AddSearch returns search results from all of your domains. To receive results from a single domain you need to use category filters. To use these filters, your installation script needs an additional “categories” parameter with a 0x prefixed domain filter:

<script src=""></script>

You can add multiple categories by separating them with a comma. If the value of categoriesparameter is,, you will see results from and

For full instructions how to use category filters, see this document. If you are using our Separate results page view, you can implement dynamic category filters and let your users filter results in real-time.