AddSearch detects and indexes automatically the main content from your pages. Detecting the main content makes the search results better as irrelevant content (sidebars, headers, footers) and duplicate content is not included in the search.

AddSearch also provides methods you can use to decide what is included in the search.

Include or exclude content from a webpage with HTML tags

You can insert HTML tags into your pages to mark the content you want to include or exclude. Using HTML tags is useful when you have a specific piece of content on the page you want to show in the search result.

See full instructions at Including & excluding content.

Exclude pages from the search index

If you don’t want certain site areas or pages to appear in the search, you can use the Site areas tool. You can find the Site areas tool from your Dashboard under Manage results. Site areas is the easiest method to create exclusions without having touch any of your site’s code.

You can also use robots.txt, robots meta tags and NOFOLLOW attributes in links. See full instructions on Including & excluding content.